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Today in the city of Lovech official opening of factory on release of cars

At the new Bulgarian enterprise will take place assemblage of the Chinese cars of various models, including Coolbear, Florid, Hover and Wingle will be carried out. According to experts „ Liteks motors ” the new factory in Lovech is the advanced autoenterprise in Europe. Factory opening has provided more than 2 thousand workplaces.

factory Start in operation is carried out a year later, than planned. In the first year release of cars is planned at level of 8 000 units. Further the volume of output will gradually raise to 50 000 cars in a year.

At the initial stage, cars of the Bulgarian assemblage will be on sale in Bulgaria and other countries of region, including Romania and Turkey. Then Great Wall Motors plans to expand gradually the presence at other parts of Europe, including countries of Northern Europe.

For realisation of cars firm „ Liteks motors ” has opened in territory of Bulgaria of 18 representations.  

At solemn opening of new car factory at Lovech there will be a prime minister - the minister of Bulgaria of Bojko Boriss, ministers of the government, representatives of city and regional administration of Lovech.