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To Irkutsk there will arrive film director Kshishtof Zanussi

On Saturday in Irkutsk starts festival of the Polish cinema « Kshishtof Zanussi: face to face ». The known Pole himself will arrive on opening. Kshishtof Zanussi – one of recognised Polish directors of cinema, television and theatre, a script writer, the teacher with a world name.

- its Many films are awarded the higher awards of the largest film festivals, - has told «» a press - the secretary « cinema Houses » Julia Yakimov. - its arrival to Irkutsk – event not the ordinary.

Zanussi has in many respects become famous for that its cinema does not bear answers to the put questions, and forces the spectator most will join in a reasoning. Reflect over films of Kshishtofa inhabitants of Irkutsk can from February, 25 till February, 29th.

In the Irkutsk House of cinema will show at once seven tapes. The train of displays of the Polish director a film « will open; crystal Structure » on February, 25th in 18. 30. This film about two friends knowing each other since a youth and envying one another, has been removed in 1969. Kshishtof has received awards for the best scenario and the best debut for it at the international festival « Silver kondor » in MarDel to a Payment, a special prize of jury at festival in Panama, a prize at festival in Valladolid and Colombo, a prize of film critics of Poland « the Warsaw siren ».

the Second day of festival will be especially sated: inhabitants of Irkutsk can visit three film displays. In 11. 30 - a film « Home life » the prize-winner of the international festival in Chicago, the owner « the Gold cluster ». In 17. 00 in the House of cinema a picture « Illumination » awarded the main award of award FIPRESSI and ecumenical jury at the international festival in Locarno. In 19. 00 fans of cinema can see « Protective colours » - about the conflict of two teachers. But there is more to come surprises of Sunday – This day Zanussi will be spent by the four-watchmaker - a class.

- Kshishtof will read lecture about direction. Come can listen to ask it any questions, concerning motion picture arts. Together with the director it will be possible to discuss its works, - Julia Yakimov marks.

On Monday, on February, 27th, on festival climbers for certain will come. In 19. 00 they will wait colleague Vitold Partyki – the protagonist of a film « the Constant » earning money for expedition to the Himalayas. On February, 28th in 18. 30 film fans will indulge with the owner « the Gold lion » - a film « Year of the quiet sun ». And last day month in 19. 00 visitors of festival will feel « a hand Touch » Kshishtofa Zanussi.