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The dollar continues to become cheaper


Following the results of the past on February, 21st the exchange auctions the dollar exchange rate has decreased on 70 Belarus roubles and has made 8 200 roubles for dollar.

According to Belarus currency - stock exchange, the volume of transactions has made 48 million 987 thousand (the demand for purchase - 41 million 345 thousand, the offer - 75 million 136 thousand).

As informs BelaPAN, the course of the Russian rouble too has decreased - 2 roubles, and has made 275 roubles for the Russian rouble. The volume of the auctions has made 809 million 178 thousand Russian roubles (the demand for purchase - 676 million 705 thousand, the offer - 815 million 674 thousand).

In the auctions on euro the volume of transactions has made 15 million 108 thousand (demand - 9 million 697 thousand, the offer - 15 million 175 thousand), and the course has decreased on 20 roubles and has made 10 860 roubles for one euro.

we Will remind that since October, 20th of last year in Belarus there passes uniform session on Currency - fonodovoj to a stock exchange. Analysts give different forecasts concerning new kursoobrazovanija. More in detail about opinions of experts it is possible to read HERE here again. Also naponim that in the end of the last year the government promised that in 2012 - m one dollar will cost 9 150 roubles. Details - HERE.