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The centre of the Tatar culture will open after reconstruction

on February, 24th in 17. 30 after scale reconstruction the Center of the Tatar culture will be opened. Religious figures are invited to centre opening from all region, heads of national associations, schools and the centres of cultures of area. Visitors of opening are waited by excursion on a building, a small thematic theatrical performance, a video topic about activity of collectives TSTK and congratulations from the first persons of a city.

the Building of the centre located to the address: the street ShCherbakova, 4, p. 11, is a monument of architecture of second half of XIX-th century. It is constructed by a merchant of I guild, a mayor (1860 - e) Philemon Stepanovichem Kolmogorov. In the beginning of the XX-th century the house has been nationalised. Here in 1920 the first club of workers - teenagers has settled down. Later – club ovchinno - fur factory, and since 2000 « cultural life » are continued by the Center of the Tatar culture at home. The main mission of the centre – assistance to preservation and development of national culture of the Tatar people of Tyumen and formation in a society of the tolerant relation to an ethnocultural variety of multinational region.

the Area of the premises occupied MAUK « TSTK » makes 684,9 sq. m, including a concert hall on 200 seats (225,8 sq.). Today in the Center 13 amateur associations, circles, studios, sports sections (five of them &ndash work; nurseries) into which 200 persons enter. Among centre associations: youth studio of a variety Tatar song « Hyjal » Choreographic studio tataro - the Bashkir dance « Akkosh » vocal Tatar ensemble « Sunmes hisler » youth vocal ensemble « Nur » studio of the Tatar suit, the Tatar tool ensemble « CHimgi » children`s tool ensemble « Apipa » section tataro - the Bashkir struggle, studio decoratively - applied art « Hazine » the Tatar theatre « Suzge » istoriko - ethnographic association « Seber ».

Also the Center of the Tatar culture will organise and has national traditional feasts (the Ramazan, Nardugan, the Drinking bout and etc.), competitions and festivals (« Tan joldyzy » – « the Morning star » « My family tree » etc.) Festively - entertaining, creative, thematic evenings, concerts and mass actions.

On the basis of the centre the karaoke - club, club of acquaintances, club of a young family, sound department works also, pass lessons national kitchen and a native language.