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To Stavropol Territory the businessman has arranged attempt at

28 - summer townsman Lermontov Anton Zykin (the name is changed – Red.) Perhaps, could become the worthy applicant for reception of the award of Darwin for one of the most foolish ways to leave from this life if its plan has worked not how it prepolagal. To the normal person to present, as it is possible « to reserve » itself it is difficult enough. There is a truth, cases chlenovreditelstva in army, for example, if sluzhivomu very much it would be desirable to get home faster. But that quite successful businessman has arranged attempt at, having delayed payment with creditors, everyone will dare at the such not.

All has occurred in the beginning of November near school of 4 cities of Lermontov. Ostensibly the unknown person vstrelili from the automatic machine to Anton   not less than three times, one bullet has got to a shoulder. As the businessman to inspectors has told at first, he then was frightened and bleeding profusely has run away, pjatajas to disappear from the hired killer. At this time has called the wife, and it has called at once police and « fast ». As a result in interdistrict investigatory department on Foothill area of investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across Stavropol Territory have filed criminal charges upon attempt at murder.

But the further inspectors « dug » the there are more than questions at them arose? For example, what the businessman at midnight at school which is away from its habitual daily route from the house before work did? The employed killer most likely would watch it and has attacked obviously in other place. Anton told at this time that recently its creditors constantly call to it and ask to return money which it has run into debt them. And field investigators all got acquainted with its biography more detailed. It was found out that for sale of metal products it has gained money quite good, but has asked to delay payment once again to scroll profit and to double it.  

Then Anton has thought up that if it will arrange attempt at it will cast a shade on its creditors, and they for the period of a consequence will become silent and money not begin to demand. He has told about it to inspectors later.

- the Suspect has developed the plan of attempt for, - have told «» in interdistrict investigatory department on Foothill area of Investigatory Management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across Stavropol Territory. - has involved in it the acquaintance who had an automatic weapon.

And, the former schoolmates at first have studied medical textbooks, choosing a place where it is possible to shoot, without having caused special harm. And have then retired at midnight around sports hall of the fourth school to Lermontov. The businessman long got up courage, and then all - taki has allowed otmashku to the friend to shoot.

Now on the businessman have filed criminal charges as regards the second article 306 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (for obviously false denunciation), to It threatens or the penalty from 100 to 300 thousand roubles or real term of imprisonment till two years. Its friend can receive till 4 years of imprisonment under article 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (weapon illegal circulation). In its house have conducted a search and have found the automatic machine from which it shot.