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Father Frost has handed over to the six-year journalist nanotehnologichnyj a crosier

the Main Russian wizard (we in this case mean Father Frost from Velikiy Ustyug, instead of the head of the Central Electoral Commission) on Monday evening with honour met on the area before vladimirskiy Art - a palace as the former recreation centre « now is called; Tochmash ». GAI officers specially held for it a place on a parking. And in the meantime in a palace some hundreds children crowded round an elegant fur-tree. Almost all kids — in celebratory suits: who with wings, who in a New Year`s hat. They were amused by snowmen and fantastic animals.

By tradition the Grandfather should be called. Three times the wave of children`s voices has swept on « marble » to a hall. And here it has entered. High, in a red fur coat, with the big white crosier. Also has greeted loud, but a kind voice. From traditions of New Year`s morning performances has receded - did not force children to read verses under a fur-tree. Instead Father Frost shared impressions from Vladimir:

- In this city there live good, but sad people. It is impossible to live in depression. Smile to the passer-by — and he will smile to you. It also is a positive miracle.

the Wizard has asked all to think of desire and has promised to execute. But only provided that it kind and selfless. The decision on that to light a fur-tree or not, was accepted by universal suffrage (without falsifications). After triple « the Fur-tree, burn! » the green beauty (artificial, we protect the nature) was lighted and began to rotate. Father Frost has delegated the responsibility to New Year and its symbol - to the Dragon, and has then spent present a press - conference for young journalists. Vladimirskiy « represented 6 - summer Alisa Jureva. On how much minutes it became the keeper of a magic crosier. Only here according to the Grandfather, it « not magic, and nanotehnologichnyj »:

- the navigating transmitter « is Inside established; Glonass ». Thanks to it on my site always it is possible to see, I am in what city.

Father Frost has responded to some tens questions. Children listened to it, having opened mouths.

- to learn whom the Snow Maiden is necessary me, it is necessary to read Ostrovsky`s fairy tale. Did not read? - He has asked children. - there it is written that the pair which did not have children, blinded the Snow Maiden. And the love has recovered it... Also it turns out that it to me not native, but the adoptive grand daughter. And she lives in Kostroma. Its groom is called by Lel.

Still Father Frost has told about why hides from children the sledge as is able quickly carries gifts on all cities, with whom from the colleagues (foreign « Santa Clauses ») Is on friendly terms, why its main deer of Lyoha such choosy and how to distinguish the present Father Frost from the impostor:

- Congratulate all children personally I cannot. Therefore I have many assistants. But there are also impostors. There is a good way to understand that before you the impostor. If to Father Frost have brought charochku and he has drunk, then the impostor... The present Father Frost will refuse... After all about me speak « a red nose » not because as if I drink. « red » means « beautiful ». After all speak « the fair maiden » or « Red Square ».

Besides linguistic subtleties Father Frost has acquainted children with geography, having told about the countries in which was, and even with cookery, having whispered any confidential New Year`s recipe, having postponed far away a microphone that parents have not overheard... The wizard constantly underlined that any person can make a miracle the hands. It is very simple. It is possible to begin with the small: the hands to give the gift for parents. They for certain will like that is not bought in shop more, and stores heat and love of the child.

- And I can make the world better? - One of kids - journalists has asked.

- Certainly, you can. But at first wonder: « a leah I Can go to minister in army and to protect the mum? » now you stand and keep for her hand, but time when you will grow will come and will become it the present defender.

After a press - conferences Father Frost has distributed to children gifts and, having fallen on hunkers, asked them on desires and dreams. This evening even those kids who always sceptically tried to make out the daddy`s person behind a white beard, have believed that Father Frost exists.