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Inhabitants of Ezhvinsky area of Syktyvkar on New Year`s Eve learn themselves on valenoks and will brag of dresses of the fur-trees

New Year comes nearer a fast pace. In all corners of Republic Komi at full speed there is a preparation to national guljanijam, different actions, competitions, actions prepare. The Ezhvinsky area too for the people does not stint New Year`s entertainments. Already on December, 23rd in « Ezhvinsky Palace of culture of wallets » the New Year`s concert which organizers named « will take place; the Feast to us comes ».

And various performances and game programs for kids in the same place will begin with 24 numbers. For children is more senior, schoolboys 8 - 11 classes, will hold on December, 27th competition « the Snowman - the inventor ». Competition conditions are simple: from different materials schoolboys should design a suit of a snowman, prepare its presentation, and also spend one New Year`s game. And then, as usual, to wait for the jury decision: It will define, who can carry a proud rank « the Snowman - the inventor ». Well and certainly spectators too can define the winner, and it will manage a prize of spectator sympathies.

on December, 28th the fastest skiers of Ezhvy can be overcome for Father Frost prizes on New Year`s race that will pass on skiing lodge « Vezhdino ». Take part in this sports action all interested persons can, it is necessary to give the forward ordering only.

And on January, 1st with an hour till three nights all ezhvintsy with all the heart will have fun on the dramatized representation at the main fur-tree of Ezhvinsky area. This night the majority of the most cheerful New Year`s competitions will take place: the action « Learn itself on valenoks » « New Year`s discount » and « Dress up a fur-tree and bring with itself ».

- preparing for this New Year, we chose that is closer to the people, - has told « Svetlana Pritchina managing department of culture, sports, the youth policy and public relations ezhvinskoj administrations. - we after all spend every year different comic draws, here and this time have thought up, than poveselit the people.

the Action « Learn itself on valenoks » will pass very unusually: already now in streets Ezhvy organizers photograph valenoks of passers-by, and then of these photos will make one big banner and on New Year`s Eve will hang up it on a review of all visitors. If someone learns the valenoks — can safely approach behind gifts which while keep a secret supposedly then a surprise will be!

Also this night there will pass the action « New Year`s discount ». To all visitors of cultural and sports establishments will distribute in the near future maps of discounts in 5 % on all actions. But there is more to come: each card has a number, and, quite probably, it becomes advantageous. After all numbers will spin on New Year`s Eve in lototrone, and the lucky beggar, whose number will choose, will win a prize.

And in Ezhve will hold a beauty contest among New Year trees on the action « Dress up a fur-tree and bring with itself ». On conditions of competition the participant should decorate beautifully and unusually the prickly beauty and bring on a feast: let all admire! The owner of the most beautiful fur-tree without a gift will not leave. And by the way, it is completely not obligatory to bear a two-metre symbol of new year. As to us have told in culture and sports department ezhvinskoj administrations, the fur-tree can be and small, the main thing that there was the most elegant!