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In area there will be no municipal hospitals

in ten days in area public health services will occur on - to the present sign event. Since January, 1st all Kirov municipal authorities of public health services will pass in regional submission. Under management of regional department of public health services will pass 68 medical institutions, and also more than 1000 objects of real estate.

However it not all changes which will occur in the Kirov public health services in 2012.
According to the federal law 323 since January, 1st of next year everyone kirovchanin can choose to itself(himself) any regional establishment of public health services where he would like to receive primary medical aid. However, choose hospital it can not more often than time in a year.
the Future changes will allow, as consider in regional department of public health services as well it is much better to build system of rendering of medical aid in region.
- Now at us no administrative levers of influence on municipal authorities of public health services are present, therefore we almost cannot affect in any way that there occurs. With transition of municipal public health services to regional level we receive new levers of administrative influence and new possibilities for the decision of these problems, - the head of regional department of public health services Dmitry Kurdyumov marks.
Besides it as officials from public health services assure, giving thanks to the future changes system of rendering of medical aid in region should become much more effective. Say, since 2012 all difficulties for forming in region of multilevel system of rendering of medical aid should disappear completely, paternal doctors will treat us much more qualitatively and more operatively.
- it is possible to present New system of establishments in the form of a pyramid. In its basis there is a primary link (regional, city hospitals, offices of general practitioners, feldshersko - akusherskie points). On level there will be above interdistrict centres are more equipped with the equipment, the hospitals completed with narrow experts. Pyramid top are profile regional establishments (for example, regional hospital, travmbolnitsa), - Dmitry Aleksandrovich speaks.
However, that the system has earned properly, it is necessary not only to build it correctly, but to adjust in it all necessary « small screws »: where - that something to add, and something and to clean.
- There is a number of the problem areas having the big debts in hospital and many problems on untimely rendering of medical aid. To a management of such establishments there are questions, - Dmitry Kurdyumov marks about it.
Changes and in the department of public health services where since new year can come to 10 new experts are expected. Thus management of public health services of a city of Kirov and at all now will abolish. However completely control of municipalities over public health services are not going to refuse. Since new year in their conducting will be « creation of conditions for rendering of medical aid to the population ». However, that this dry formulation in the law means, yet do not know officials depzdrava, the regional government. Thus officials notice that the role of municipalities will not be essentially belittled.
- it is unconditional, we cannot monthly visit each area, therefore interaction with administrations of municipal unions, with public organisations will help us to reveal problems in due time. Soon with each area we will sign the contract where certain powers of local authorities will be registered in public health services sphere, - Dmitry Aleksandrovich speaks.
« Time will tell »
Michael Solomennikov, the head physician of MUSES « the Kirov city hospital 8 »:
- I can not tell Yet, there will be these changes to the best or to the worst. There will be an one-man management. The jurisprudence will change. It is exact. But I can assure that in respect of rendering of medical services for our patients will change nothing. And that will be further - time will tell!