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What drinks actually are useful, and what are dangerous at cold?


Actually with drink at cold not all so is unequivocal, the doctor - otolaryngologist Anatoly Smirnitsky tells. - If the patient on a confinement to bed to drink it is more than 2 litres of a liquid a day it is not necessary. Besides the excessive drunk liquid increases loading by heart and kidneys. Therefore without fanaticism. It is not necessary to lean on teas and infusions with diuretic effect, for example, cowberry sheet. It is possible to drink broths with an anti-inflammatory component, for example, tea with a camomile, chabretsom, a sage. But it is no more 2 - 3 cups in day.

kissels, especially bilberry (this berry possesses otharkivajushchim property), cranberry (there it is a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants) are very good. Besides kissel envelops mucous membranes. After all many medicines (atsetilsalitsilovaja the acid, combined analgetiki, for example) which we traditionally accept at cold, injure mucous a stomach. Kissel and rather nourishing product. Too the useful moment, after all at cold is - that especially would not be desirable.

At virus infections alkaline mineral waters with srednenasyshchennym mineral structure, that is dining rooms are good. To drink it is more than glass in day of medical mineral water it is not necessary. There it is a lot of salts, it can be broken vodno - salt balance of an organism, and it will hurt to kidneys and heart work.

berry berry juices are useful To simplification of a feverish status with sourish taste, for example, from a black currant, the same cranberry and etc.

And here and coffee at the moment of strong cold it is necessary to refuse strong tea. They, thanks to caffeine, speed up palpitation.

If the throat do not drink some sweet aerated water is ill. Vials « scratch » Throat also can strengthen inflammatory process.

As to the most traditional antiprostudnogo drink - tea with a raspberry to this berry salicylic acid really contains. Therefore on the properties the made berries of a raspberry or jam from it possesses febrifugal and sudorific action. But thus a raspberry considerable quantity is counter-indicative at heart diseases – can call aritmiju, and also reduces work of kidneys.

Besides to play about chajkom with crimson jam it is undesirable to those who accepts anticoagulants – the preparations diluting blood (aspirin, varfarin, trombo - ass and etc.). It can call weakness, dizzinesses and even bleedings – from a nose, for example. For the same reasons it is not necessary to combine a raspberry with aspirin.