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eks VIA - Gra left on a skating rink without a skirt

In a past week-end on Red Square at minus temperature has passed display of the designer of Antonina Shapovalovoj. Though a collection and osenne - winter, it has in practice appeared that not all models correspond to realities of Russian winter.

Most of all has not carried to singer Tatyana Kotovoj who had to defile on a slippery stone blocks in short shorts. However the girl slegkostju has coped with a problem.

- the Love heats, - the title holder " mysteriously smiled; Ms. Russia - 2006 .

to Show to public of the mysterious beloved Tatyana as iprezhde, at all refuses. But on display it was supported willingly by popular executor T - Killah. It on a step did not depart from Kotovoj, constantly took it for a hand and rendered to the beauty unambiguous signs on attention that secular reporters present on action have documentary fixed.

Butters to fire were added also itself the designer by Antonina Shapovalova. On sledujushchijden after display on the page in Tvittere it has placed a photo: happy Kotova and T - Killah smile in the chamber and send an air kiss.

Till now it is not clear, as the singer has not freezed the most expensive
the Photo: Cyril Makarov