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Boxer Nikolay Valuev in Ulyanovsk: it is difficult To me to look, when women each other voltuzjat

Before the first companionable match between Russia and Sweden the Ulyanovsk journalists managed to talk to Nikolay Valuevym. The giant of the Russian boxing even was photographed with all interested persons.

- What impressions at you from Ulyanovsk?

- I in Ulyanovsk for the first time. This city for me is connected with one person (not only Lenin) – here there lives Alekej Lezin to whom I have lost twice. Pleasure with it I will meet. I assure you, in me any there is no rage, it would be interesting to meet, talk, it has much made for boxing.

- Nikolay Sergeevich, what do you think of sports psychology?

- I wrote the thesis on psychological preparation. I think that for the sportsman not a secret, and furthermore, for the trainer that psychology – a basis of all. It is possible to be very well prepared physically, morally motivirovannym but if the psychology suffers affliction, it can bring at midpoint. For all trainers there should be an axiom: besides the usual trainings connected with preparation technicians, tactics development, it is necessary to pay attention to psychological preparation, especially in command sports. Already level of achievements is so high that that command and that sportsman which are more psychologically steady wins.

- the Candidate of psychological sciences of Valueva when - nibud we will see?

- I do not know, - laughs.

- you would not like to play in bandy?

the Well-known boxer has answered press questions.
a photo: Alexander SOKOLOV

- has won back In due time all the winter long when filled in a skating rink in a court yard. Did not pass passers-by, - as usual it happens, all tried to pass on a diagonal that a way to reduce, – the whole war was. A ball took usual tennis because helmets were not, have few times broken noses and have decided to take easy. But the paw at me has quickly grown more the than biggest size of the fads (44 - 45) – and I on « technical » to the reasons has ceased to play. Recently has found the fads of 52 sizes, has risen on ice, and has understood that with my traumas it is all can is pitiable to end.

- Why you have decided to hold a post of the manager of Russian national team on bandy?

- Has put it for me new, it is necessary to penetrate much. The main thing – there are reasons which push me to help this sport. In - the first, it is our national sport. In - the second, now a lot of attention is given to usual hockey - there are sponsors, a world fame, and here – nepahanoe a field. He simply demands development, and for this reason I have agreed to act in a role of the manager of Russian national team. It is pleasant to me that it is necessary to work much. Perhaps when - that we will achieve that it becomes Olympic. It will be tremendous success. Besides, arrival of two remarkable commands (Russia and Sweden – red.) Will warm up interest to bandy in Ulyanovsk.

- Comment on your participation in New Year`s rollers.

- And to you « Happy New Year » it was pleasant, cheerfully? This core over what I creatively work in the life. This such lyrical digression which I sometimes presume. First of all I always support result, for a digestible product. If to you, really, cheerfully to look, all on - kind, this mine.

- you will continue to work at cinema?

- I represent to myself a little, as I now can act in film. It as in sports: day and night - work. I today already the deputy of the State Duma – as it to combine, badly I represent. If only in episodes. By the way, literally recently has acted in children`s film, to me have called and have invited – I have arrived and have acted in film, not a question. Like it has well turned out. It is all on the screen left or should leave. I looked – it has normally turned out.

Today I have a basic work, and creativity - for free time from work. Much it will not be, as on it time, forces and means also is necessary. Such as our famous actors, I any more will not become because it is not my profile. But I will try always with the great pleasure in new year to congratulate the country on a feast because sincerely I love the country and people who here live.

- What do you think of your prototype from « Multa persons »?

- I on a broader scale in any way do not concern it, as well as many other heroes of this transfer because our permission nobody has asked. There is article of the law which resolves use of an image in such programs as « Mult persons ». If even something is not pleasant to you, you cannot voice the « fi » To companions who are engaged in this drawing. I there do not accept participation, and my hero lives separately from me, my desire and without mine on that of the consent. At pair of series of this transfer even has looked – they have not impressed me, to look KVN much more interesting, or « Gum klab » I any more do not speak about our monsters – « prozhektorperishilton ». « Mult persons » – it is a weak parody. We will wish them creative successes, can, the author begin to do the project, really, ridiculous, extremely topical – in the country there are many subjects over which it is possible to laugh.

- you like to look female boxing?

- I the first assistant to female boxing, but not its admirer. I always to the girls who are engaged in boxing, speak: « Devonki, you such good fellows, so much all has reached, - take care! » little girls come to our schools, are engaged – Women, actually, very much motivirovany on a broader scale in sports. But their boxing I do not look, it is difficult to me to see, when women each other voltuzjat. It not mine.

- Would like to give the daughter to boxing?

- my Daughter will not go to boxing, if, of course, does not put a question point-blank, as women like to do. Then I will need to obey only.

- Where you will meet new year?

- Houses with a family – all - taki new year, first of all a family feast!