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The vladimirskiy athlete - champion Anton Kozlov: the record Is necessary? OK!

the matter is that on two tournaments successively he has managed to beat at once two Russian records, seeming the firm: in run on 800 metres and on 2 thousand metres.

16 - summer Anton has established the First record on December, 10th in Yaroslavl on traditional multi-region track and field athletics tournament of memory of the merited trainer of Russia A.I.Talanova. There Anton has won first place in run on 800 metres. It has run a distance for 1 52 seconds and 29 milisekund. This result - a record of Russia indoors for young men 16 - 17 years. The previous record belonged to the Olympic champion Yury Borzakovsky who has established it in 1998.

- For me Anton`s records a surprise did not become, - the trainer of the runner Paul Plotnikov has told. - it on such lifting the last half a year was that I before start to it have directly told: « the record Is necessary! ». And he easy has responded me: « OK, will be ». Time in Russia left and has established better.

the Second record has been established a week later, on December, 18th, at the Moscow competitions « Opening of a winter season ». Here Anton Kozlov has won running on two kilometres, and at the same time has established a record for this distance 5 minutes of 30 seconds and 17 milisekund. Last time a record for juniors on two thousand metres has been established in far 1985.

- Lately Anton has strongly grown, - Paul Plotnikov admits. - it was visible on trainings, on tournaments. Knowingly on superiority of Russia in the summer it was twice in prize-winners, and in the All-Russia competitions among track and field athletics SDJUSHOR took gold. So it and it has not enough. Even he conceived trainings as competition. And anybody from my other pupils could not keep up with Anton.

Anton Kozlov is engaged in track and field athletics since 2006. In the beginning he was engaged in run in native Anopino the Goose - Crystal area together with trainer Feodor Barmin. In 2010 Anton has moved in Vladimir for training in polytechnical college, however Feodor Barmin on - former trains Anton. So now at the vladimirskiy athlete - the champion two trainers. Perhaps therefore and results so high?