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On a crossroads at DTJU establish traffic lights

about what for a long time spoke, at last - that occurs — on a crossroads of street of the World and turn to DTJU establish at once some traffic lights. As explain the city authorities, it is made for security of children which go in DTJU on employment.

Installation of traffic lights (both for transport, and for pedestrians) has begun on Tuesday, on December, 20th. Dorozhniki have suspended one traffic light over proezzhej a part, have put some traffic lights on each side from a line. Over the weekend now to them should bring an electricity and adjust work of traffic lights.

However the new technics has had time to confuse drivers even prior to the beginning of the work. The matter is that on one of devices for adjustment of a traffic there are no additional sections which would regulate the left turns - so-called « turn on an arrow ». Namely they make the basic problem for drivers at congress from World street to DTJU through the bridge and at departure therefrom.

- Problems with it will not be, - the contractors who are engaged in installation of traffic lights have calmed. - when the red signal on the central traffic light (regulating movement along the street the World &mdash will burn; the Bus) It is easy possible will both turn off from World street, and to turn out on it. And time for all will suffice.

One more important question: a leah with the advent of traffic lights will wrap to DTJU 23 - j the bus? As it was found out, no.

- Buses 23 - go did not turn off a route to the Palace of pioneers at all from - for absence of traffic lights, - have told in Open Company PoAtiS. - is simple we do not see sense in it. Quantity of passengers here the insignificant. And there and so already turn off buses 11 - go and 31 - go routes. So to change the scheme of a route we in the near future precisely not we will.

to put into operation traffic lights should by the end of this week. A closing date for contractors — on December, 25th.