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In Vladimir region have forbidden to hunt on a wood-grouse and a black grouse

Under the expert opinion, wood-grouses and black grouses in our area became not so much that on them hunts. It was confirmed also with results of ecological examination.

- For a wood-grouse we on a broader scale do not have iridescent prospect, - Victor Serbin, the senior research assistant of department of the nature of Vladimiro - the Suzdal memorial estate, a member of a commission of experts of the state ecological examination considers. - it lodges in ripe pine forests, and now mature pines cut down or their part   has burnt down during fires. On undersized trees wood-grouses are not fed. They prefer long-boled trees. To black grouses, to the contrary, in gorelnikah and on growing cuttings down   the God`s grace. There it is a lot of jagodnikov, therefore to birds to eat than eat, it is a lot of place where it is possible to build a nest and take cover from danger. But all the same population of black grouses has enough to allow on them hunts.

Therefore experts have conferred and have decided to limit extraction of a wood-grouse and a black grouse temporarily. Within five years in the autumn and it is forbidden to extract a wood-grouse, within three years &mdash in the winter; black grouses. In the summer hunting on a broader scale is forbidden. The limited hunting on males of these kinds of birds will be resolved in the spring only.   all this time ohotopolzovateli will keep account birds that the nobility, how much individuals to resolve otstrelit.

- the Good owner keeps account in the autumn, - Victor Serbin has added. - the Most sad that we ohotopolzovateli conduct the autumn account insufficiently.

By the way, hunting restrictions are entered in territory   Vladimir region except for especially protected natural territories of federal value: On the earth of federal submission local laws do not operate.