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For cutting down of ancient park have fined on 1,8 million roubles

the Claim regional State inspection on protection of objects of a cultural heritage has submitted. The businesswoman from Petushinsky area became the respondent. In due time the local administration has transferred to the possession of it of 18 hectares of the earth on which the park part - manors Karpovyh is located. In May of this year the woman has started to cut down and take out park trees — centenary pines and lindens. Well-wishers also have informed on it in state inspection on protection of objects of a cultural heritage.

- the infringement Fact has proved to be true, - Alexander Kulikov, the leading expert - the expert of State inspection   has told; on protection of objects of a cultural heritage of Vladimir region.   - there have cut down 158 trees. The caused damage has made 1,8 million roubles. We have obliged the businesswoman to stop wrongful actions. In a voluntary order it did not begin to do it, and we have brought an action the claim about compensation of the material damage caused to object of a cultural heritage. On December, 15th the court has passed the decision in our advantage and has obliged the respondent to pay the penalty at a rate of 1,8 million roubles. Also she should pay the administrative penalty — 1,5 thousand roubles. The woman on court was not, it disappears. When the judgement will enter validity, court enforcement officers will be engaged in debt collecting.

By the way, in area it is the third case. Last year have fined the inhabitant of capital. It has begun shopping centre building on Red Square in Suzdal, has dug the earth under the base though before the beginning of civil work should invite experts that they have spent archeological excavations. The court has decided to collect from the businessman of 1 million 825 thousand roubles. The damage has been paid. The similar case has occurred in Murom. There for illegal excavation of an occupation layer of the earth the owner of a site has been fined on 2 million 182 thousand roubles. The respondent pays this sum parts.   now regional   state inspection on protection of objects of a cultural heritage prepares in court the new claim on 105 thousand roubles. For such sum have caused a damage to Kozlovu to a shaft illegal excavation.

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the Manor Karpovyh about Sushnevo is known from the middle of 18 centuries. Then the manor belonged to Griboedov`s family, from the end of 19 centuries - to historian Karpovu. Ancient constructions, but now manor were saved is thrown.