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Good year for gulf of Finland

it is pleasant, when our city praise. And this year Petersburg praised often. And first of all our Finnish neighbours. Finns (however, not only they, but also inhabitants of other countries of the Baltic region) have highly appreciated the contribution of our city to improvement of an ecological situation to Baltic sea. Than we have already pleased neighbours and than we will please still, the general director of State Unitary Enterprise « has told; the Water canal of St.-Petersburg » Felix KARMAZINOV.

the Green touch is not present more!

- That in 2011 is made in Petersburg to improve a status of Baltic sea and gulf of Finland?

- One of the basic events of year I consider performance of new recommendations of the Helsinki commission by Petersburg on protection of Baltic sea. In June we have finished the next stage of the scale project on introduction on our treatment facilities of technologies of deep removal of phosphorus from sewage. And as a result today the phosphorus maintenance in the general dump of sewage of Petersburg does not exceed 0,5 mg/ l - such indicator is now established by the Helsinki commission. And, to reach this indicator with the account even that part of sewage which the city for the present dumps without clearing, we on the treatment facilities provide extraction of phosphorus to level 0,2 - 0,3 mg/ l.

I Will explain, why we attach it so great value. Getting to Baltic, phosphorus stimulates growth sine - green seaweed - and this process is today one of the main threats for the sea. Therefore it is necessary to provide the maximum extraction of phosphorus on treatment facilities.  

We actively were engaged in this work rather recently - as a matter of fact, since 2005. And hardly could achieve so quickly good results, if not support from the government of St.-Petersburg, the federal authorities, and also our foreign partners, first of all John Nurminena`s Finnish fund and the Ministry of environment of Finland.  

Probably, much it is not so clear that is covered behind this indicator - the maintenance of phosphorus no more than 0,5 mg/ l why it so is important. But any can be convinced that reduction of receipt of phosphorus has already positively affected gulf of Finland: last years sine - green seaweed in a gulf became much less. It is confirmed also with our Finnish colleagues.

Besides, this year in Stockholm there passed conference of the World fund of the wild nature, and on it shots of space shooting of Baltic have been shown. It impresses: Gulf of Finland is completely free from a greenish touch. And here in the central part of Baltic still there is a green stain.

Following steps

- you have told that the part of sewage still does not pass clearing. This part is how much great today? Also what it is necessary to make to provide 100 - percentage sewage treatment of Petersburg?

- this year we left on new level - have provided clearing already 94 percent of sewage of Petersburg. In the autumn we liquidated five more direct releases of sewage in total amount about thirty thousand cubic metre a day. Now these drains get to the Main sewer collector of northern part of a city and on it come on Northern station of aeration. As a result it was possible to relieve Neva of almost eleven millions cubic metre of a dirt a year!

We have taken and more one important step - have closed seven small sewer treatment facilities, having redirected those drains which came on them, on Northern station of aeration earlier. The matter is that these small stations - in Sand, in the Aspen Grove, in Pargolovo and etc. - have been constructed several decades ago. They and physically, also have morally become outdated, therefore could not provide qualitative clearing already. And at Northern station of aeration is available both the equipment, and the technologies necessary for performance of all modern specifications on quality of sewage treatment.

As to destiny of those six percent of sewage which yet do not take place today clearing - we have a program on the termination of dump of crude sewage. Its performance will allow us to finish level of clearing to 98 percent, and in the long term - closely to come nearer and to hundred percent.  

Next year we will finish switching of direct releases in an operative range of the main sewer collector. As a result clearing there will pass 95 percent of drains. In parallel we should begin microtunnel building on quay Robespera that will allow to liquidate the remained direct releases in this part of a city.  

the Following our steps - building of a collector around Okhta (to stop dump of crude drains in this river), liquidation of direct releases of Karpovku. Also it is necessary for us to construct the next years new sewer treatment facilities in Lomonosov and Metallostroe.

the Shot of space shooting of Baltic sea: gulf of Finland is free from sine - green seaweed.


to Clear industrial drains - it is real!

- Making comments on the next achievements « the Water canal » on increase in volumes of sewage treatment, representatives Green Peace regularly declare, what not all so is cloudless. Because pollution arriving from the industrial enterprises « the Water canal » to clear not in a status.

- The Position Green Peace to us is known, and we with the big respect concern work of this ecological organisation. By the way, this year its representatives were at us on Jugo - the Western treatment facilities, have got acquainted with their work, have communicated to our experts.  

We always said - including at meetings with a management Green Peace that city treatment facilities are calculated on clearing of a household drain. Yes, our stations cannot effectively take specific industrial pollution. Moreover, universal treatment facilities which could work both with household, and with any industrial drains, in the world simply does not exist.  

There is a rule: any industrial enterprise before directing the drains to system of the municipal water drain, is obliged to provide their preliminary clearing of specific pollution. In Petersburg requirements to structure of sewage directed to the water drain are confirmed. Unfortunately, they are carried out not all by the enterprises.

- This problem as - that can be solved?

- She needs to be solved. And in it have started to be engaged. Till now we gave the basic attention to introduction of technologies which allow to delete from sewage phosphorus and nitrogen effectively. Today in this direction work is built, and we had a possibility to take the following step - as in 2011 - m have occurred serious changes in the legislation.  

this year the Federal law « is passed; About water supply and water removal » where the principle « for the first time is applied; the pollutant pays » concerning dump of pollution in water objects. Leaning against this law, we suggest to construct relations with subscribers -   The industrial enterprises on - new. Namely: to pass to declaring by the enterprises of quality of the sewage. On the basis of such declarations the payment for dump should pay off. Naturally, performance of declarations (that is declared) should be supervised conformity of real structure of sewage strictly.  

In parallel it will be necessary for enterprises to develop the plan of action on improvement of the ecological indicators. It can be upgrade existing or building of new local treatment facilities; transition to more harmless production technologies and etc.  

And, to create economic stimulus for performance of such plans, we suggest to grant to the enterprises the right a part of a payment which they should list for dump, within several years to leave to myself - on condition that this money will be just directed on improvement of ecological indicators.

- you consider it really? What are the enterprises ready to such work?

- We repeatedly discussed this question with heads of the industrial enterprises. We even have spent within the limits of a forum « the Russian industrialist » the round table devoted to a problem of clearing of industrial drains, - together with the Petersburg Union of industrialists and businessmen. So I can to you is assured to respond: yes, all it is real. Speech after all goes not only about increase of responsibility of the enterprises, but also about creation of the mechanism of provision of economic incentives.  

Well and then, after all any industrialist - it too the inhabitant of our city. He too wants, that Neva was pure that its children and grandsons could bathe in gulf of Finland.  


- Today it is already possible to say what at people has appeared though any ecological responsibility?

- gradually such responsibility appears. Though, of course, at adult people similar reorganisation of consciousness goes more difficult, than at children. But, by the way, as shows experiment of our children`s ecological centre, very often children become the best teachers for the fathers and mums, grandmothers and grandfathers.  

this year we have completely updated the children`s ecological centre. We should speak with young generation on clear to it language, actively using multimedia technologies. Than less employment will remind usual school lessons - that we will achieve the big results. And in the children`s ecological centre it is really interesting to children.