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we Swallow of a probe : how to check up a stomach with the help endoskopa

In the project « a leah you Are healthy: pass inspections together with « we tell about all kinds of analyses and inspections. To learn about, a leah you are healthy, with « it becomes easier!

That shows gastrofibroskopija? Why it cannot be replaced with usual ultrasonic of a stomach? How to be prepared for one of the most unpleasant medical researches? We understand together with experts.

to Check up a stomach with the help endoskopa – or, as in the people, speak « to take a sip of a probe » - one of the most unpleasant medical procedures. And those from our readers who at least time passed through it, will understand me. Before to go in endoskopichesky an office, long got up courage. Not that that I was afraid of any bad diagnosis. Simply from one thought that to me through a mouth will enter a tube which also will move in a stomach, became not on itself. But the task of the editor has been given, record to the doctor is made, and there was no place to recede.

When registered on endoskopiju, me have warned: in the evening (a day before procedure) it is necessary to limit itself in meal. Till six evenings to eat an easy supper: porridge or any fruit to drink tea. Since morning too nothing could be eaten and even (!) To drink – neither tea - coffee, nor usual water.

In endoskopichesky an office went, as to Golgotha. Feet and gave away.

- That it you so shiver? – the nurse while I gave the written approval to procedure has asked me. Also has added: - be afraid of Nothing, follow my instructions. Not you the first, not you last.

Before has laid down on a couch, in a throat have sprinkled anestetikom – to lower an emetic reflex. Further on a chest have laid a bed-sheet – that in case of vomiting not to soil clothes. And further I as could tried to execute commands of the nurse accurately: a breath, an exhalation, we swallow, we breathe easy, we constrain vomiting. If it is fair, in this procedure more unpleasant, than terrible. All time tried not to think of a tube which just into me have entered – from these thoughts in literal sense became toshno. But the nurse distracted me as could, constantly conducted conversations. And during procedure looked at the screen of the monitor and tried to find the slightest changes. However, I in it video on the screen did not understand anything …

Endoskopija has occupied minutes ten. But it seemed to me that it lasted eternity. I hope what to swallow of a probe to me it is necessary still oh as not soon!

With the results of inspection received on hands I have gone to Natalia Silivonchik, the professor of stand of the general medical practice of the Belarus medical academy poslediplomnogo educations.

- Well, it was terrible? – Natalia Nikolaevna smiles.

- Still as! Such sensation that endoskop was any improbable sizes …

- And still modern endoskopy are insignificant in diameter. And after all the device contains certain devices which allow to see a stomach from within. The sizes endoskopov vary a little. In the beginning 20 - go centuries when similar procedure only has appeared, endoskopy were rigid – in the form of a metal tube. Then it was very heavy and rare research. Have then appeared fibroskopy - in a flexible hose there were special fibres which passed the image on distance. And now are available videoendoskopy – on a device tip there is a small videocamera which passes the image to the monitor. And while you lie on a couch, the doctor sees the slightest changes on the monitor: erosion, ulcers, polyps (which can be removed there and then), tumours and etc.

- it seemed To me that procedure lasts eternity and never will end …

- All depends that comes to light at research. A leah it is necessary for the doctor of more time to consider changes, a leah it is necessary to take a slice of a fabric of a mucous membrane of a stomach on research. biopsija occupies certain time: To pinch off a slice, it to take out, again to pinch off and etc. By the way, many patients are frightened: a pier, have pinched off a fabric, and on this place the ulcer can be formed. Actually mucous zheludochno - an intestinal path differs very fast regeneration. The place quickly heals, and procedure of reception bioptata is frequent for the patient is a little appreciable.

- And what write in pieces of paper which hand out after inspection?

- to the Patient give out the description of a visual picture of research. Sometimes the express train - the test for an infection helikobakter at once becomes. If took a slice of a fabric of a mucous membrane to you speak, through what time to come behind results of research bioptata. Endoskopiju regarding cases carry out repeatedly, for example, for treatment control – ulcer healing. Periodicity of research is defined by the doctor.

- And a leah is sense to swallow of a probe in the absence of symptoms zheludochno - intestinal diseases?

- If you well feel yourselves – no. But if something long disturbs you, it is necessary to be converted to the therapist or to gastroenterologu which will define necessity and a kind of researches. But there are cases when the person knows that its near relations had a serious illness – first of all   malignant new growths in a stomach or an intestines. Such patient can come on endoskopicheskoe research without what or complaints only on the basis of the hereditary factor.

- I Know that many people are afraid endoskopii as of fire and want to replace it with the same ultrasonic of a stomach. It is equivalent replacement?

- stomach ultrasonic, of course, has the certain worthiness, but does not replace endoskopiju. Gastroskopija (or ezofagogastroduodenoskopija) allows to investigate the top departments zheludochno - an intestinal path – a gullet, a stomach and a duodenal gut. Kolonoskopija allows to investigate intestines. Recently has appeared also enteroskopija with which help it is possible to enter into a small intestine. This procedure difficult also is carried out only in a hospital and under anaesthetic. All three methods – very important researches. To replace their ultrasonic it is almost impossible. By the way, to do endoskopiju it is possible at any age.

- Natalia Nikolaevna, now the majority of people to polyclinics do not go. What will advise to such patients?

- Now people of able-bodied age who appear in less favourable position a little go to polyclinic basically - work much, they do not have time. But anyway, if at the person appear any   symptoms, it is better to it to come on inspection. I want to notice that endoskopija though has any loading, but it not such terrible procedure. Endoskopija has very big worthiness which cannot be overestimated, as   Actually at once allows to define a number of diseases, serious changes. And often it appears that alarm false, symptoms are not reflexion of serious disease (by the way so happens very often, and the doctor will explain that symptoms are display of functional frustration) that releases from unnecessary stress.

IT is important for KNOWING!

What symptoms should induce to do the person endoskopiju?

- constant, insistent belly-aches;

- pains   in a stomach at night;

- vomiting;

- decrease in weight of a body;

- increase SOE (by results of the blood analysis);

- an anaemia (decrease in haemoglobin by results of the blood analysis).

These symptoms doctors name symptoms of alarm or « red flags ». And they demand obligatory research with the help endoskopii.


How to be prepared for probe swallowing:

- in the evening, a day before procedure to eat an easy supper (porridge or an apple + tea, till six evenings);

- since morning is nothing and not to drink (even some water!);

- accurately to follow the instructions of the doctor or the nurse during procedure.