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New Year`s dresses of stars

usually Prenew Year`s magazines are full of advice in what and how to meet New year according to an animal - the sovereign year what to put on a table and etc. And, many of this advice inconsistent enough. « and you listen to recommendations of the astrologist? How prefer to meet this feast? » - we have asked our stars.

Actor Anton Makarsky and singer Victoria Morozova


- Naked. Together. Having embraced. In bed. Under peal of bells. The most good sign!


- I always put on only that is pleasant to me and goes. I know that there are no gold ornaments, therefore and do not carry them. I do not follow any advice but so it turns out that at me it always coincides. It is necessary to me to arrive on a New Year`s concert in a new dress as all speak:

Well it is necessary, as you have fine picked up colour - New year should be met just in clothes of this shade!

Actually I did not prepare, here have found this dress when gathered, its plot - and it has appeared that I have hit the nail. And any mystical image so turns out that each new year I meet in that colour in which just and it is necessary, but it occurs absolutely casually, I never specially prepare also I think over nothing on a broader scale! Anton on all this advice especially does not convert attention, but as all its suits usually happen under colour of my dress it turns out, as he too meets New year in correct to clothes!

Phillip Kirkorov will meet New year on work and in image.
a photo: Evgenie GUSEV

the Singer Love Kazarnovsky:

- I Read the corresponding esoteric literature and I try all - taki to it to adhere. For example, I met year of the Mouse in something is grey - black. Now there comes year of the Dragon, and I will try to combine all those bright colours which are at fantastic dragons in the New Year`s dress. Because on a science the fan - shuj as you will meet New year as you will energetically sate it so you and will live it, such mood at you and will be. Therefore I to all recommendations listen.

Actress Natalia Gromushkina

- to plan the New Year`s dress, it is necessary first of all precisely the nobility, where and with whom you will meet this magic feast. If it is a beach in tropical countries to select more pertinently not a dress, and a beautiful bathing suit. If friends have invited you to a summer residence it is necessary to think of a sweater and warm boots - the decollete in this case will be obviously inappropriate. But if New year was already tomorrow - I assure you, I yet would not know that myself I will put on. For women important that your New Year`s dress to you went that you in it were pleasant to yourselves that it was with taste, can, with some originality - a highlight. The most important thing for the woman is to manage to show the worthiness and to hide lacks.

Dmitry Malikov any more did not meet for a long time New year in a dressing gown, on fishing.
a photo: Tvitter Dmitry Malikova
Dmitry Malikov any more did not meet for a long time New year in a dressing gown, on fishing.
a photo: Tvitter Dmitry Malikova

Actress Miroslava Karpovich (Masha in a serial Daddy`s daughters )

- Well it is faster at all prislushivanie, and a certain family tradition to which we always follow, very pleasant house vanity: what napkins, plates, the main thing - olive tangerines, champagne. And what to put on? Yes to whom that is convenient! It can be an old pyjamas, jeans, a flannel shirt and red rubber boots... But even the beautiful vesper dress, a brilliant beads together with smart shoes, a hairdress, a make-up and manicure will not rescue you on New Year`s Eve if nearby it will not appear expensive to your heart and soul of people. And they will be glad you to see even in a naked kind!

Actress Elena Korikova

- I always listen. It is necessary to listen to recommendations that there was a good luck!

Composer Evgenie Doga

- I am a creative person and very much I do not love standards! Sometimes happens so, what even for half an hour about New year I yet do not know that myself I will put on. And on a table I put usually that is in the refrigerator. I consider that the main sign is to be in good mood and sincerely to wish good luck to itself and the relatives - then all will be executed.

Singer Nadezhda Chepraga

- I think, probably, to what will lay down smothering, I will put on. And about a table - I to any recommendations do not listen, because on my New Year`s table is much all tasty and any new dish should is obligatory to be present. Besides, for me the table is inconceivable without tangerines with their smell of New year, walnuts - for a strong hold and red wine. Well and to it is good mood! And under peal of bells to think all health and love!