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Apple and Google will create computers which we will carry on a body

All mine I carry with myself is a phrase of the Ancient Greek philosopher, seemingly, becomes the main motto of the person of the future. Also it is a question not so simply of easy portable devices like netbukov and planshetnikov, and about so-called nosimyh computers which we will put on ourselves, as accessories.

over such gadgets companies Apple and Google, according to The New York Times newspaper now work. The American journalists have reconnoitered, what kontsepty already are in working out.

For example, one of prototypes Apple represents the device like a player iPod with the bent display. It will fasten   to a hand, repeating a wrist bend, and to cope with the help of vocal commands. Other variant - to carry as an accessory the device - the assistant which will keep in contact with the smart phone or a tablet which is in a pocket or a bag of the user.

Google offers other way - the computer will be built in points with transparent displays instead of glasses.   the gadget can is independent to leave in the Internet and to process the data with the help cloudy services. Besides, points can supply the user with the information in a mode of the added reality: on displays the information connected with   can be displayed; a real site of the user.