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for anybody not a secret that we live in a century of information technologies. Anybody cannot present life without a mobile phone any more, the computer, the Internet and other digital gadgets. Surprisingly, but almost all modern computer technologies are based on fundamental mathematical methods.

Every year in high schools there is more and more the educational programs connected with computer programming, an advantage of graduates of VolGU - deep fundamental knowledge, as in the field of computer science, and mathematics.

a Professional training in sphere IT is conducted by faculty of mathematics and information technologies of VolGU. The basic directions of preparation of bachelors, masters, post-graduate students are:

- mathematics and computer sciences;

- the applied mathematics and computer science;

- software and administration of information systems;

- computer science and computer facilities;

- information systems and technologies;

- program engineering;

- applied computer science;

Behind these strict names surprising things disappear. For example, somebody from you wanted to write own computer game or to create the site? Here you will teach and not to the such.

For today the faculty co-operates with leading Russian high schools, universities of the USA, Germany, Sweden, etc. Our students pass an industrial practice with the subsequent employment at the large enterprises: « Kaustik » « Lukoil - an inform » « the Savings Bank » « Formosa » « Volgogradneftemash » etc.

Graduates FMiTa - highly skilled programmers, system administrators, business - analysts, experts in introduction ERP - systems, web - designers and web - programmers.

Students take active part in public, cultural, sports life of university. An integral part of faculty life is the newspaper « the Matrix » let out by students. Cheerful and creative students find themselves in KVN, take part in television VolGu work. And also our faculty carries the name « the Most sports ». Traditionally following the results of a year more than hundreds students receive free vacation packages on the sea, material aid for achievements in scientific, creative, public work.

You want to march in step in due course and to be the most demanded expert? You dream to build itself the future and to have a reputation for comprehensively developed person? The faculty of mathematics and information technologies will help you with it!