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The guy who tries to institute criminal proceedings policemen, have beaten

Vase does not carry fatally. We have told its history one week ago: the simple guy from Borisoglebsk the Voronezh region   already there is more than year unsuccessfully proves that it have beaten the narcopoliceman and PPSnik. After long months of persistent work of a consequence criminal case has collapsed on two small articles, and Vasju have got rid in world court: a pier, itself also prove, who to you « has beaten off brains » has broken a nose and has left without teeth. Though at the guy was video, witnesses frankly said lies and etc. Vasja and has gone to court. Only not in world, and to begin with in city Borisoglebsky - to appeal against against the consequence decision. And, probably, for the first time for last one and a half year to it has carried. On December, 14th the court recognised: the consequence was conducted with the roughest infringements, the Themis has cancelled the doubtful decision. But past Sunday, 18 - go, since the morning before me Zhuravlyov`s brother has called: « Have beaten Vasju. Lies in traumatology... »

I did not see Vasily in August 2010 - go, but that with it have made now, impresses (the photo) see. Again at the guy concussion, again to it teeth to insert (and one - recently repaired after the first state of emergency), and speaks now Vasja with sharmannym the French accent. But the most interesting: according to Vasily, « has painted » it … again the guard.

- the Guy of it in district at us I never saw earlier. I while know about it that call Ivan and that like works in Voronezh in management of own security, - Zhuravlyov explains. - anyway after me have told: so it was represented by phone to our policeman who interrogated me in hospital.

there Was all, at first sight, prosy. That Sunday night Vasily sat in cafe - waited, when change at its girl Katya who works as the waitress will end. This in the same place had a rest somebody Vanja - together with local borisoglebskim the friend by name of Maxim. Had a rest, tells Vasina the girl, it is quite good - strong.

- About three o`clock in the morning we were closed, but which - who from visitors still remained, - Katya remembers. - Maxim was voiced in my address not so well. vasja has asked to apologise. That is it is necessary to give due - has apologised. But it why - that was not pleasant to its friend...

in general, children speak, the resolute disagreement of Vanja has expressed a fist on Vasinoj of a jaw. Its youth has dragged, and Vanja has silently faded. That it beat, me Maxim has confirmed also. But has assured: neither a surname, nor a place of work of the friend does not know...

… Certainly, at first sight, all - is simple coincidence. Only, for example, on session in regional court which should take place this week, Vasja does not get. The matter is that borisoglebskie inspectors have appealed against against the decision of the city court on which they worked, to put it mildly, not so. Here only one characteristic citation: « preliminary investigation on the criminal case, lasting is more than year, was spent superficially (…), circumstances of incident to the full are not established till now (…) In the presence of data on considerable number of persons - eyewitnesses of incident - the circle of the given persons is not established in full and not interrogated ». And thus process is elementary tightened. To whom it can be favourable - clearly. Vanja has faded into the background. At first on its cellular has responded « colleague Denis » then the tube was cut down...

In Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across the Voronezh region have informed that the person of the mysterious citizen is established, under Zhuravlyov`s statement check is spent. By the way, Katya shifrovshchika has well remembered - describes in details. We will hope, it will help policemen.