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has checked up children`s New Year`s gifts on harm

Before New year millions parents suffer questions: a leah to show to the child that mount of sweets what acquaintances and relatives give? At once to hand over the bags of chocolate given out by employers or brought by kind Father Frost, or to put by? And can, is better make investigation at first: a leah harmfully that abundant of nice sweets in bright candy wrappers? A leah is not present that reprehensible in chocolate bars?

be not stirred, expensive parents, all these questions we have set to our experts on the eve of a favourite feast. And to you have given already ready answers.

we Check on harm children`s New Year`s gifts.

Each New year I with some otoropju look at huge bags of sweets. Again test for a daughter! At it on sweet an allergy. Not deadly, but all - taki. Anything good. Absolutely to forbid the child of a sweet I not in forces. With a sigh I go to a drugstore and simultaneously with a sweet gift I bear home packing with antigistaminnymi preparations.

For years of struggle against chocolate shock at us the strategy is developed. To give, necessarily to give: to allow to the child to take pleasure in the fallen down mammon. To count, touch colour wrappers. The childhood will end quickly, and with it can leave and wonderful sensation of a winter feast. Have touched, poahali - have checked sweet good to mum. Psychologists and doctors agree: parents should give out sweets - so easier to convince child to present to the grandmother (mum, the father, the Baba-yaga) the chocolate potentially dangerous to allergic persons.

But overeating of sweets to harmfully not only small allergic persons.

- Sweet not only breaks a food, it washes away vitamins from an organism, - the therapist Natalia Fomenko warns parents. - for example, sugar eats vitamin B literally. And the more often the child eats sweet, the more to it will be wanted. Officially resolved norm of sweets on the average is no more 2 sweets.

In sweets - continuous palm fat?

- One of these days we have checked up quality of sweets from New Year`s gifts, - the expert of the Society of protection of the rights of consumers Roman Gajdashov speaks. - Tiles even more or less, with chocolates - a misfortune. In them with interest put confectionery fats, cocoa substitutes - butters (they are badly deduced from an organism. - a bus comment) . But have pleased sweets from Ukraine, at them quite « chocolate » quality.

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the Most dangerous stuffings for allergic persons:

citron additives, cocoa, dyes (more often reaction happens on nuts containing in sweets.


« do not arrange leapfrog in meal »

- the Problem of New Year`s feasts not only in chocolate abundance, - speaks the professor, the vice-president of Association of children`s allergists of Russia Yury Smolkin. - In spite of the fact that pediatrists, and allergists allow to start to give chocolate delicacies after three years, on a place of parents I would wait a little with them to five years` age.

In my opinion, any immoderation in meal leads to bad consequences. And in New Year`s feasts - especially. We, as a matter of fact, suit leapfrog in meal - we eat not on habitual hours and when we will wake up. Something we eat up yesterday`s where - that we have a snack half-finished products because laziness to prepare. And just half-finished products and ready store products including chocolate, and sweets are overflowed by various additives which should be reflected on health of children.

in New Year`s feasts I advise as much as possible to protect children from half-finished products. After all even the house meal in correctly submitted celebratory packing calls weight of emotions kids. The same concerns also sweets. Take out a fruit candy or candied fruits from habitual wrappers and issue on - New Year`s - and the child will forget about a mount of other sweets. And, of course, try to observe a habitual day regimen. Do not overfeed the child not to call a problem with digestion. Then the train of New Year`s feasts will pass easy both for you, and for the child.

And At this time

Doctors do not advise to use any cosmetics to children till 10 years.
a photo: a leah Is lovely the MARTIN

to Buy to a daughter lipstick and shine?

How to be, if, gathering for a fur-tree, babes beg for a children`s cosmetic set parents.

Counters of children`s shops are filled up by painted boxes with a lip gloss, shades and a varnish... How to be? To buy?

- Even the qualitative children`s cosmetics contains unsafe chemical substances, therefore doctors do not advise to use to its children is more younger 10 - 12 years, - the cosmetician Olga Romanov warns. - all business in features of a children`s skin. It not only gentle.

At children very weak protective function of a skin. And the top horn layer - is twice more thin, than at the adult person.

At a skin 5 - 10 - letok weak local immunity, it easily picks up an infection. Therefore so important children`s skin correctly and regularly to clear, what there powder with lipstick...

Also at a skin of the child the imperfect mechanism of preservation of a moisture. Therefore it is predisposed to dryness, irritation.

And still it differs the raised absorbency. When on a skin chemical substances (in « get; dekorativke » their weight), they there and then appear in an organism.

If all of you - taki have followed the tastes and have decided to buy a cosmetic set. On what to pay attention.

1. the Children`s cosmetics should not contain mineral, technical butter - on labels it designate Mineral Oil. It receive by distillation of oil products. Butter forms a water-proof film under which the skin ceases to breathe normally. Growth and development of cages is slowed down. So also such cosmetics too is better be not to using the adult.

2. On it should be specified that means possesses anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic properties.

3. The more natural components in structure, the it is more qualitative and more safe: extracts of plants, butters (almond, butter jojoba, a tree shi), vitamins (And, D, C, E), glycerine, beeswax.

4. Nail polish even on a water basis cannot be used to children till 6 years.

5. If the child adores to paint the person, buy a children`s make-up of the Russian manufacture, instead of Chinese is better. Approaches for children from 3 years. It on a fatty basis, is not absorbed in a skin both easily washed off. Also allows to express much more brightly ditjate collected inside « a creative ». After all the girl wants to make up the person, not so much imitating mum, how much as experiment. Wants to try to become someone to another!

6. Instead of a hairspray to fix a children`s hairdress where ekologichnee the sweet water which has been filled in in a spray. There is enough 2 teaspoons on a water glass.

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