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CHeljabintsev deceive payment terminals

to repay debts, to pay for apartment and the Internet, to extinguish penalties today it is possible by means of the terminal. The iron curbstones swallowing of roubles, stand literally continually. « has fed » it a pack of banknotes — has saved time and money. Or, on the contrary, has acquired the big problems …

— Townspeople even more often complain of work of payment systems and terminals, — the expert - the expert of department on protection of the rights of consumers of Rospotrebnadzora on the Chelyabinsk area Tatyana Pashevina speaks. — Happens that money reaches the addressee minus solid percent, and sometimes does not reach absolutely!

Usually the problem is covered that cheljabintsy inattentively study the information on the screen. For example, you were going to throw money to yourselves on mobile, and the terminal asks any percent.

Sending money in the callous car, be attentive, read everything that the Photo is written by small print

— But it is written about it by very small letters, — Tatyana Pashevina specifies. — Unfortunately, in our country there is no law which would fix the minimum type size in similar messages.

However, a carelessness of the person, more likely, an exception. Many complaints prove to be true: terminals really hold back the size of the commission or inform it when money is already brought also a way back are not present. In this case (and if money at all do not send in addition) it is possible to speak about a deceit safely.

Demand indemnification

— If the sum on the bill has been enlisted incorrectly or has not arrived at all, on 29 - j to Law article « About protection of the rights of consumers » you can demand from the owner of the terminal to eliminate a lack. And if you have sustained losses, for example, for the back payment to you have started to charge fines safely apply for compensation of the losses, — Tatyana Pashevina explains.

To begin with try to contact the owner of the terminal. Usually its data is on the check. Write the claim (in it you state an essence of a problem and the requirements) and carry to the specified address. Happens that the company office settles down in other city, for example, in Ekaterinburg or Moscow. In this case send the claim by mail the certified mail with the notification message. To answer you are obliged within ten days (Law item 30 « About protection of the rights of consumers ») .

If reactions will not follow — go to court (it is possible in a residence). In the statement specify, under what circumstances you have deceived, and demand indemnification. To the statement do not forget to put the proof: the check, a photo of the screen of the payment terminal. Also keep in mind: while business is considered in court of the first instance, you can involve Rospotrebnadzor — it will draw the conclusion, a leah there was an infringement.

the pond prudi Is verified the data

Bill acceptors on a city. At one time them put even at stops. To such devices bojazno to trust. But the way to check up cleanliness of the terminal all - taki is.

— Any agent accepting payments — the terminal or system cash desk « the City » should have the information on the executor, — Tatyana Pashevina speaks. — And not only a set of the mysterious figures designating an INN, and the name of firm or FIO the private businessman, the address and phones for communication, the size of the commission.

This information should hang over the terminal or be displayed on the screen, and also repeat in the check. If the data does not coincide, it is superfluous occasion to reflect.

— Use the checked up terminals which stand in halls of banks and other dear organisations, — experts advise. — then surprises are almost excluded!