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Small ufimtsy ask from Father Frost ajfony and books about Harry Potter

Whatever said that the world becomes malicious and cynical, the kids believing in Father Frost, in Ufa becomes more and more. If last year to the main winter wizard have written four thousand small ufimtsev, in their this year already seven thousand. Almost twice it is more!

  - We believe in Santa Claus, this wonderful wizard, - the chief executive of Public Fund of a development of the city Olga Panchihina speaks. -   And consequently every year with pleasure we help it to assort mail, to read and register letters,   to search for means for encouragement, and to think out new ways of rewarding of children. This year will be six   fur-trees for winners and two New Year`s discos. Father Frost encourages those who does the world better!

In the basic Grandfather letters from children 10 - come 14 years. More often this year children ask to themselves fashionable « Gadgets » - ajfony and ajpady. On the second place – brand toys and souvenirs which advertise on the TV: dolls « Bratz » « Vinks » and other. Certainly, such desires of children, most likely, remain not executed. On the third place have suddenly appeared   the fads and sport stock.

  - We very much were surprised such tendency. Couple of years back similar requests were on last places, - Olga Panchihina speaks. – On one thousand their letters was only a little. Probably, children are excited with Alexander Radulov from « Salavat Yulaev »! And skating rinks recently became more.

On the fourth place – books. But, unfortunately, ask not Pushkin`s complete works, and books about Harry Potter and vampirskuju the saga « Twilight ». In the five of the most treasured desires malyshni there was also a financial well-being – many children have asked the Grandfather of the Frost … Prize in a lottery! If only the ticket have not forgotten to buy – otherwise leaves, as in a joke.

And only one 8 - the summer girl has asked « to take care of all people on the Earth ».

the Main Father Frost – who it?

Ilya Rodionov, 22 years, « dedmorozit » in Fund of social development of a city the fifth year. The first time became « the Grandfather » in 10 class. Even calls from children in public fund of a development of the city accepts in a fur coat and a beard – for inspiration! For the nephews it the most important Father Frost, and without a beard they do not learn it now.

the TOP - 5 children`s desires

1. Ajfony and ajpady.

2. Firm toys.

3. The fads and sport stock.

4. Popular books.

5. A prize in a lottery.


Almira Shajahmetova:

  - Such gifts, as expensive phone or the computer,   it is possible to do as encouragement for good behaviour or study.

Children want to have what is not present at others. Or, to the contrary – are afraid to be allocated with absence fashionable « toys ». It is important for adaptation of the child in collective – judge on an environment in which it is. The main thing that the kid did not become in collective the derelict.