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Returning of a lascivious detective

Has passed more year since the moment of a premiere of the first season of it mini - a serial which authors have placed Arthur Conan Doyle`s heroes in a reality of modern London. The first block of series consisted all of three parts, the truth, everyone equaled on extent to a high-grade feature film. Taking not quantity, and quality, founders « Sherlock » have placed on the product of spectators in many countries and have forced them to pine with impatience - well when when at last there will be new series? After all their shootings have begun in May and admirers « have come to the end in the end of August, and; Sherlock » fairly believed that they will see the second season in the autumn. However preparation of series for an aether was tightened, and a premiere have transferred for 2012. On first of January the British televiewers will start to look continuation on channel Bi - bi - si. Will see new « Sherlock » And the Russian spectators - a serial, most likely, will show on the First, but on exact date of an aether yet is not informed.

we Will remind that in the end of the first season Holmes (Benedict Kamberbetch) and Watson (Martin Frimen) have appeared in dangerous affinity from villain Moriarti (Andrew Scott). In the second season also consisting from three 90 - minute series, fight with Moriarti will proceed. There will be also new heroes, in particular, usually unperturbable Sherlock irresistible Iren will perturb Adler which actress Lara Pulver has played.