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Kostromichka intend to collect from a city a half-million of roubles for failed on it and the child a fur-tree

In Kostroma management housing - municipal services continue to inspect upon a collapse of a city fur-tree on 28 - the summer local resident and its three-year kid.

it is preliminary established that the fur-tree which have placed on the square near school 3 in microdistrict Chernoreche of all a day before incident, has failed from - for poorly strengthened designs. A huge tree in height about 12 metres have inserted into a metal pipe of small diameter. From easy whiff of a breeze the fur-tree has cracked at the basis of a pipe and has fallen.

we Will remind, in the evening on Saturday near to a fur-tree there passed kostromichka Svetlana Blatova with the three-year little son. It carried the child on a sledge (read: « In Kostroma the city fur-tree has fallen to the woman and the three-year kid » .) The tree has covered the woman and the child with the heavy branches. Casual passers-by have helped suffered to get out outside, but the help of physicians equally was necessary for all of them. Svetlana and the kid have brought to the first city hospital. Now both of them houses, it appoints out-patient treatment. According to physicians, a trauma at the woman and the child insignificant, basically bruises, however consequences can affect and later.

Check on this incident is spent also by city Office of Public Prosecutor where with surprise today have learnt that the woman intends to collect from the city authorities a half-million of wheels for moral harm.

- it is direct in Office of Public Prosecutor Svetlana Blatova it was not converted. Certainly, it has the right to bring an action the civil suit and to demand any sum. Though one million, though three. Except requirements, this sum should be proved still. To give medical documents, proofs. What decision will accept court, now to tell difficult, - has explained a press - the secretary of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kostroma region Tatyana Rotcheva. - the Woman while on the sick-list, therefore to speak about a tresspass to health still early. But despite issue of a suit, the Office of Public Prosecutor will protect anyway interests of the child.