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The right answers on a quiz « That you know about New year »

As name Father Frost in Cambodia?


In temples of Japan in New Year`s midnight of a bell beat exactly ….?

108 times

Where for New year it is accepted to get rid literally of all old and bothered that it remains in leaving year?

In Italy

Inhabitants of what country on the eve of New year fill with water all ware which only is near at hand, and in celebratory midnight amicably splash out it – directly in windows?

In what country it is considered Cuba, what the one who will bypass on New Year`s Eve round the quarter with a suitcase, that can carry out for a long time conceived puteshestv ie?

In Peru

In what country gifts bring on a balcony?

In Spain

Where the talisman of new year considers a green, unripe nut?

In Sudan

In what country the symbol of well-being and the family centre considers the big log which is lighted in fireplaces of houses?

In France

Inhabitants of what country on the eve of New Year set fire to pitch in a butt and roll this butt on streets?


Where should to have time eat 12 vinogradin while hours beat 12 times?

In Spain

In this country on the eve of New year in the house bring branches of a juniper which carry by on all rooms, and then burn. It is considered that it relieves the house of illnesses

In Holland

In this country there is a tradition to fill up a door with a heap of beaten ware. If for the morning under a door many splinters are found, mean – very well and friends at you it is a lot of.

In Denmark

In what city people are going to listen to a solemn sound world Bells St. Stefana established on a cathedral on the Cathedral square?

In Vienna