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Elena Polenov lived in the magic world of a fairy tale

Elena Polenov -   the sister of well-known painter Vasily Polenov.

it has received the First skills from mother, Maria Vasilevny Polenovoj, the grand daughter of the architect of an Ekaterina`s epoch of Lvov. She has invited to the children for lessons drawing of the future known teacher of P.Chistjakova. From nine-year age the girl was trained in its masterful technics of drawing and a water colour.

In 1879 Elena Polenov has entered a ceramic class of Drawing school of the Society of Encouragement of Arts and   has finished it with the big silver medal. It the first for all history of Drawing school has been sent to France for improvement in ceramic business, and then has received a place of the teacher of painting on porcelain and faience. Having moved from St.-Petersburg in 1882 to Moscow, Elena Dmitrievna together with brother Vasily has appeared in the centre of a circle of talented youth: Konstantin Korovin, Ilya Levitan, Michael Nesterov...

Many years of creative activity of Elena Polenovoj have been connected with « mamontovskim a circle » – artists, actors, architects who were grouped round the industrialist and patron of art Savvy Mamontova. From the end 1870 - h years artists of this circle and long worked more often in Abramtzevo, manor Mamontovyh situated near Moscow. Spontaneously developed « abramtsevsky an art circle » has played the big role in development of national art culture, in many respects having defined modernist style in Russia. In 1880 - e years in Abramtzevo at the initiative of Elena Polenovoj the big collection of products of folk art has been collected. With 1885 for 1894 Elena Dmitrievnoj have been executed over 100 projects of furniture and subjects decoratively - applied art. On the hinged lockers presented to expositions and shelves, chairs, the benches executed under the project by Polenovoj, it is possible to see, how   it transfigured motives of a landscape in an ornament and a pattern for a carving. In an exposition E.Polenovoj`s the best products are collected: painting and a water colour, illustrations to Russian national fairy tales, drawings of ornaments, subjects decoratively - applied art (furniture, painted porcelain dishes). Many of them are exhibited for the first time.