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Dmitry Medvedev: the Federal authority frequently creates work for itself

the Head of the state   continues work over   differentiation of powers between authorities of federal, regional and municipal level. On Tuesday in the residence in Hills Dmitry Medvedev has held the next meeting on this question.

- I Suspect that this meeting on this subject not the last. A subject such, hard, - the beginnings I will meet Medvedev and has designated three points.

the First   –   questions   differentiations   powers and   financial   maintenance. They, according to the president, stir now practically all levels of the power.

- this Subject really, resonant. It during my trips on regions lifted both governors, and heads of municipalities, - Medvedev has explained.

the Second   - budgetary security of territories.

- Differentiating powers, it is necessary to create stimulus for expansion of their own profitable base, - the president has told. – and, at last, the third: delegating responsibility and reducing quantity of structures of the federal authority on places, – and it is too much it and it, unfortunately, frequently creates work for itself – we thereby should lower and administrative loading on business. Finally it should lead to activization of enterprise activity and strengthening of local budgets, - Medvedev has concluded.