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Omsk village will equip under new standards

Habitation for life

that in the Omsk region becomes for building support on village much, probably, know all. Any more the first year in Priirtyshe some the specialised programs developed at the initiative of governor Leonid Polezhaev really work.

Giving thanks to it to thousand families already have constructed good sound houses.

And recently the head of the federal government Vladimir Putin has paid attention to a problem of rural building also. Now obviously: to keep people in small cities and villages it is possible, only having created there modern conditions for life, and for this purpose first of all it is necessary to construct on all country of ten millions square metres of comfortable habitation. While the central power thinks how to put a question in motion in nation-wide scale, in the Omsk region do that, as earlier: build on village of ten new microdistricts. In total in rural areas of such platforms of complex building already nearby 60. And each of them is in focus of attention of the authorities of region. - I from all heads of areas demand, that they created platforms of such complex building where it would be possible to erect 200 - 300 - 500 cottages! I consider that housing construction is a basis social, and economic development of village. It is a shame, when we in the XXI-st century continue to live in the houses constructed at the time of development of a virgin soil, or as often happens in the north of area, and at all in a XIX-th century. But certainly, simply to construct the house a little. It is necessary to bring to it an electricity, gas, water, to make the water drain, to construct road, to provide with corresponding social objects - schools, kindergartens. And all of us it we do for the state bill! - Leonid Polezhaev speaks.

this year on village it will be handed over 450 thousand square metres of habitation - the regional centre remains far behind. In the following a lath still above - 600 thousand. And by the end of 2013 in municipal areas one million square metres of habitation will be handed over. It is 10 thousand big - hundred-metre! - houses for Omsk families! Both it is comfortable, and such Omsk habitation is accessible to life

That, about it have once again told at session regional architecturally - grado - building advice. On it the question on the statement of the concept of building of the second turn of microdistricts Chernomorka (the Poltava area) and Pavlovsk (Russian - Half-Jansky area) was considered.

These microdistricts, we will specify, exist not only on a paper. By today some honeycombs of houses there are already constructed. And now there was a necessity to specify some important points of development of projects. So, governor Leonid Polezhaev has made decision to construct in 2012 in Chernomorke a kindergarten on 100 places. Certainly, the normal social infrastructure is necessary and in Pavlovsk …

Besides, it is necessary to co-ordinate the further development of platforms to other governor`s programs. For example, on water supply development. On importance, work volumes, financing it will be same scale, as well as the regional program on gasification. As a matter of fact, in the Omsk region practically anew will create all system of water supply. The purpose - not simply replacement of technology equipment, and expansion of a zone of service. In each settlement of region and the more so in new rural microdistricts, qualitative water should come.

And certainly, in sight of the regional government constantly there is a question on availability of habitation. By different estimations, in Omsk now empty стоят8 - 9 thousand apartments, but everything that is under construction on village, should get to people. Such is a position of the governor.

- Now on village it is quite possible to construct the house by means of various regional programs. Them is an and interest-free state mortgage, and target grants to young families, and habitation for veterans and invalids much. We even give money for completion of houses: has constructed one half of house - the state will help to construct the second. All it is real, - ubezhdenleonid Polezhaev. Ekaterina Saenko`s photo.