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the Novel with Ovechkinym will do good Kirilenko

- Shamil Anvjarovich, is clear that to the Olympic Games in London still far and much can change. But you were defined with circle of candidates? Whom would you want to see on Games?

- And here the selection system does not depend on us. It is a naked rating - first four get. Here too paradoxical system. The person well playing a ground, can type points and following the results of a soil season to be selected on the Olympic Games where will play... On a grass. It there will show nothing, because tennis on a grass and on a ground is, as a matter of fact, two different kinds. And that is curious, the rating is considered for a year and results of grassy Wimbledon - 2012 will not enter there! At us on a rating for today on the Olympic Games get at men Southern, Davydenko, Bogomolov and Tursunov. And at Sharapov`s women, Zvonareva, Pavljuchenkova and Kuznetsova. It at odinochnikov.

- And unless Alex Bogomolov can support Russia on games? It supported the USA and only this year has changed sports citizenship for the Russian.

- Here a question debatable. On the one hand, is corrected that for a year he should play for the new country in the Davis Cup. And with another - we have bases to prove that it not so. Because it only this year has got to elite, and before it in one hundred was not, and we had a just cause it not to take, because other we were above it. And then it after all had the Russian passport from a birth. His father Bogomolov - the senior has left in due time with a family under the contract to Mexico. Then the wife   has pulled it in the USA, there they and have divorced. And when Alex has grown up it, naturally, has wanted to return to Russia to the father who trains a national team 1993/ 94 year of birth. It acted for a team of the USA only once on Pan-American games nine years ago. We count that Alex can support Russia in London 2012. Its potential? At it he can win the American mentality, one game against everybody.

- There are at us chances to repeat success of Beijing - 2008 when our girls have occupied all pedestal?

- I not the fan to do forecasts. But as tournament will be on a grass Sharapova`s chances at which powerful giving, and in this component it continues to progress raise. tursunov and Bogomolov on a grass too play better, than the earth. But all will depend also on that, how much « grassy » experts from other commands will manage to be selected on Games. I consider that, at least, we precisely should hook on one medal.

- Sharapova`s Command puts forward special conditions? For example, Masha can does not want to live in the Olympic village...

- I hope that we can arrange so that our tennis full team will not live in olimpijsko to village. I went to London, we have counted to reach from village stadium it is necessary to spend hour two. About what rest and restoration there can be a speech? We will search for a variant to remove at stadium pair of private cottages. But the question rests against the finance.

- And pair Maria Kirilenko - Alexander Ovechkin can in mikste act?

- I about their novel already heard for a long time, - Tarpishchev smiles. - But Ovechkin not the first eye on our tennis-players has put. I remember times when still Feodors for Kurnikova on tournaments went. Hokkejno - tennis novels on a broader scale a piece popular to remember at least Myskinu, to Dementyev...

- Why there was such fashion?

- hockey players marry therefore game kinds to tennis-players more close, than cyclic, - Tarpishchev laughs . - Besides, igroviki live in sports longer: at them change of kinds of activity allows an organism to be restored. And at « tsiklistov » the nervous system does not maintain pressure.

- Love is a good background for performances? Here Ovechkin for example spends one of most plohihi seasons in career.

- Well it as with sex before start: for girls it is useful, and for guys - not so.

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