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5 products which kill a pain


If a pain very much sharp, without a tablet not to manage. And if it tolerant also has no any superserious reason (and it is simple for weariness, pressure, chronic « slow » inflammations), to remove it will help products which contain kapsaitsin - powerful natural analgetik:

1. Pepper chilli or kajensky pepper (on their basis do pepper plasters and balms which are effective at articulate pains).

2. Mustard. If to eat a slice of black bread with jadrenoj mustard, there will pass a headache if it is called by overfatigue.

3. Ginger. In east medicine this root still is a lot of centuries was used for calm of a toothache back. But it is not necessary to try « to push » a ginger slice in a painful tooth, just an additional infection will bring. And here broth for rinsing will be very effective.

4. Garlic. Kapsaitsin together with protivomikrobnymi substances will help to remove the general feverish status and « flying » pains at inflammations.

5. Dark chocolate. In it is not present kapsaitsina, but he is a recognised leader among products on development stimulation endorfinov. And these our hormones of pleasure « in combination » too are analgetikami. So if from problems and vanity the head breaks up, the best medicine - a slice (yes it is fine, small!) a chocolate cake!