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The Kiotsky report was drawn?

against world crisis officials forget about ecology. Global recession has, seemingly, appeared more strongly global warming.

- the Kiotsky report for Canada – in the past, - Peter Kent , the minister of environment of Canada has declared yesterday . - its action does not extend on two world leaders on emissions of hotbed gases – the USA and China. Means, the agreement does not work.

the Kiotsky report has been signed in 1997 in a Japanese city of Kyoto. The majority of the countries of the world has agreed to reduce emissions of hotbed gases in atmosphere. However the contract initially was defective and had conditional character. All agreements - completely on trust. Responsible Europeans and Japanese undertaken accurately carried out and even bought from other countries of a quota. And here the USA, China and now as it is found out, Canada frankly neglected.

For example, the North American power promised to lower emissions ян2 on 6 %, and instead has increased them almost by 30 %. And to pay $14 billion penalties does not gather.

- Canada actively participated in working out of the Kiotsky report in 90 - h years, - George Safonov , the director of the Center of economy of environment of the Higher school of economy speaks . - but now, probably, at them priorities have exchanged. They actively develop the oil sand. And this very power-intensive employment with the big hotbed emissions. Russia, by the way, too signed the Kiotsky report. But it has not affected development of our economy almost. From - for industry disorder in 90 - h quantity of emissions of hotbed gases at us and so it was cut almost by half.