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The contribution Perspective

• the Contribution can be opened in carrying out of the advertising action from December, 05th, till February, 29th, 2012 (inclusive).

• the initial payment in the contribution can be carried out by cash or by non-cash transfer of money resources (for cases when for opening of the contribution by the Investor money resources from its other bills opened in given internal structural division of Bank) are used.

• the Contribution opens on fiksirovannnyj term: 181 day or 365 days.

• the Minimum sum of the contribution of 100 thousand roubles Russian Federation.

• the Interest rate under the contribution makes:

the Photo: the Moscow Industrial Bank

• Percent for the contribution sum are charged from the date of, its receipt following day in Bank, about day of return summyvkladchiku inclusive. Added percent are paid to the Investor in the end of term, by transfer on schetvklada.

• the Investor has the right to fill up the contribution by entering of additional payments. Additional payments in vkladvnosjatsja cash or a non-cash way. The size of additional payments and periodicity of their entering neogranicheny. Account replenishment stop 30 days prior to the termination of term of the contribution.

• Partial removal of money resources under the contribution is not provided.

• After contribution term, the contribution sum is listed in the contribution « Poste restante ».

• At preschedule closing of the contribution percent are charged under the rate of 0,01 % annual.

• Charge of percent is made from the date of, a conclusion of the Contract following day, about day of return summyvkladchiku inclusive.

the Photo: the Moscow Industrial Bank