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In 2012 in the Kirov region will repair roads on 3,7 billion roubles

On the eve of final this year plenary session of Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region a number of committees where deputies have considered important questions has taken place.
Committees on power, housing and communal services, to building, transport and communication have discussed problems of prospects of development of a transport infrastructure of the Kirov region.
In spite of the fact that during the current year in the Kirov region 100 kilometres of roads are repaired, the situation remains unsatisfactory. That all high system to result in a standard status, it is necessary about 50 billion roubles. For 2012 for this problem it is allocated by 3,7 billion roubles. Next year it is necessary to repair a direction Kirov - Luzsky, Podosinovsky areas, Kirov - Rjabovo, and also connecting roads on Mary El and Udmurtiya. Will result in a standard status ruptures of roads in Nemsky, Malmyzhsky, Urzhumsky and Lebjazhsky areas.
- In settlements repair of a road covering also is required, for example, through Vjatsky Glades passes transit on the next republic, - the chief of department of a road economy Yury Shevelev has told. - road there in bad condition, therefore whenever possible works there will be spent. This site is on control.
By the way, both in it, and next year, the part of public roads and transit streets will be passed from municipal in the federal or regional property. In the opposite direction transition too is possible. Today documents on sites of roads Kirovs - Sovetsk - Jaransk on border of Sovetska, and also Kirov - Kirovo - Chepetsk with an exit on Zuevku are prepared.
At deputy hearings some specifications kasaemo techniques of distribution of budgetary funds, workings out of programs of financing of repair of rural roads have been brought. Committee-men have prepared the editings for the Government of the Kirov region which will be considered at plenary session on December, 14th, 2011. Have not disregarded also how quality of repair of roads is regulated and how much effectively money accustoms. In area have already faced and unfair contractors, and long carrying out of auctions. According to 94 - mu to the law wins auction the company - the contractor, offering for floor price to carry out certain volume of work, however quality of this work it is impossible to trace at times. For example, quality of the laid asphalt is defined by time, « to glance » under a layer of asphalt and to look at a so-called pillow it is impossible. Therefore deputies have voiced the offer - one prize of auction to break on some. It will allow to trace slightly more effectively infringement.
One of real ways to put really qualitative asphalt is application of the newest technologies, however this pleasure expensive, and the Kirov enterprises frequently do not have capacities for manufacture of a modern material.
means are regularly allocated For the program of development of local roads from the regional budget. The problem of the authorities - competently to distribute means and to trace quality of the made works.