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What will be Tyumen in 30 years

Last project of the general plan of Tyumen Sankt - the Petersburg institute of urbanistics in 2008 has been prepared, however tjumentsam it was not pleasant to much. Therefore it have decided to finish taking into account all wishes. Experts of Omsk institute of territorial planning « Hailstones » have prepared changes in the project and have presented them on public court. Public hearings passed in a boardroom of the Tyumen municipal duma. The hall was almost full.    

Business centres will appear on a place of Plehanovo and on severo - the east  

In an operating time over changes in the project of the general plan of a development of the city till 2040 to developers 543 references from tjumentsev have arrived, the majority from which concern private problems of building. The general plan means the concept of a development of the city.  

That offers us Omsk « Hailstones »? We name only the cores, in our opinion, decisions on a development of the city.

it is clear that the city chokes with automobile jams, therefore about any building in the centre, especially high-rise buildings, cannot be and speeches. Even taking into account existing building we do not have no place for a civilised parking of the cars, therefore all new administrative complexes, and also shopping centres, public health services establishments will be under construction on periphery - in particular, in zarechnoj city parts.  

New business centre Tyumen - city with modern skyscrapers will grow in territory of airport Plehanovo which is planned to take out for city boundaries. By the way, airport Roshchino to 40 - go remains year on a former place, but it is expected by serious reconstruction. In the same part of Tyumen - on the Moscow path behind a loop road - there will be a big campus, necessity for which building has ripened for a long time. In severo - east industrial zone, between the Velizhansky and Tobolsk path, near to a loop road where now extensive fields, will be erected cases of industrial centre of innovative development. In the same part of a city there is enough place and for technopark building. Business centres that is logical, will be as much as possible approached to high-speed highways and federal lines.    

In 2040 Tyumen becomes millionnikom  

the territory of East district having large supplies of the free earths from constructions becomes the Basic base for housing construction, according to designers. It is in the long term planned to provide the population with available housing from calculation 36 sq. Metres on one person. The last some years in Tyumen are observed building boom, however, according to scientists, in the near future rates of building will go on recession. Quite certain date - is called 2015 even. And the overpopulation of Tyumen, at least by calculations, does not threaten. We become a city - millionnikom only by 2040.  

the Photo: Shestak Yury

As one would expect, from a historical part of a city will proceed carrying out of the industrial enterprises. This process will gradually go. In the centre of Tyumen it is necessary to solve not only ecology problems, to a city the face is important not to lose yet, to save historical shape. On this bill « Hailstones » suggests not to invent a bicycle, and to go by the way of other historical cities, such as Omsk and Irkutsk where borders where it is possible to build are accurately defined and where it it is impossible and where restoration is possible only. And any dot building! These borders in Tyumen are already generated, it is necessary to make only the decision and to legalise its corresponding document which would become the law for all.  

39 two-level outcomes

the Sick subject - transport. Omichi do not offer us any sweeping changes. The general plan provides end of building of the first detour round Tyumen, providing new bridges and overpasses through the Trans-Siberian Railway. Some overpasses will be erected and in city boundaries bridge building through the railway in an alignment of streets of the Accumulator room and Assemblers, in particular, is supposed. These projects are defined as priority. As a whole the general layout till 2040 zaproektirovana system from 39 traffic intersections. On the end of settlement term reconstruction of two and building of six road bridges, building of seven road tunnels, reconstruction of one and building of five foot bridges, and also 94 pedestrian crossings in different levels with proezzhej a part, reconstruction of one and building of 36 overpasses is provided.  

One more vital direction for the further development of the city - a concentration of all sorting of cargoes on stations Vojnovka and development of suburban railway communications.  

For unloading of highways to us insistently advise not only to save, but also to raise appeal of public transport at the expense of multiple increase in extent of a routeing network and quantity of bus stops. Also building of lines of a high-speed tram which will connect densely populated microdistricts with city centre in the long term is offered.  

parks, squares and individuality   are necessary to the City;


the Most part of time of public hearings has been devoted answers to questions of townspeople for the sake of which, actually, and this project was created. As a whole it is necessary to tell that Omsk « Hailstones » has done the big work, the fundamental approach of lecturers to the business is felt. However not all sore points tjumentsev have been resolved. In particular, Albert Fahrutdinov, the co-ordinator of Board of ecologists at Social council of Tyumen, has subjected to the rigid criticism the program on gardening. According to Albert Kabirovicha and its supporters, Omsk « Hailstones » not enough attention has given to arrangement of new parks and squares. Developers named only existing green files. As they say, and on those thanks. The green subject has been supported by barrackings from a hall. For example, on a course of discussion townspeople have suggested to break new park into territories of the former factory « Strojmash » which has been located between Maxim Gorkogo`s streets and Trade-union. The territory part remains yet not built up. But it is improbable, as the earth is not in the municipal property. As the compromise omichi have suggested to create park zones in an inundated part Tours.  

At general plan discussion tjumentsy stood up for ecology and comfort for business and residing.
a photo: Shestak Yury

Has paid attention to shortage in the project of parks and squares in the general plan and the deputy of a municipal duma Nikolay Romanov. To New York to us it is, of course, far, but it would be desirable, that we at least in the long term had a same park, as in business centre of America that there it was possible to arrive and have a rest during 5 - 6 hours. He also has asked developers to be defined with a place under crematorium building. Known Tyumen architect Victor Stankevsky has suggested to make the offer on in the report of public hearings to accepting change in the general plan before carrying out of town-planning examination.  

- the General layout is a strategic, conceptual document, and it is impossible to make any changes to it, - the architect is assured, - and we are engaged in that constantly it we finish.  

Galina Medvedev, the teacher of the Tyumen state university has taken an interest at developers whom they on a broader scale see a city in 2040. After all, as a matter of fact, also it was necessary to begin work on the general plan with it. All changes in the general plan, in its opinion, are utilitarian and pragmatic, there is no philosophical concept of a development of the city.  

After the termination of public hearings I have asked Galina Leonidovnu to tell about the point of view more in detail.  

- As in the general plan I have not seen that strategy, - Galina Medvedev has shared. - what will be our city? Hardly Tyumen becomes a city - factory, the industrial centre, as Ekaterinburg. Apparently, Tyumen does not become also a city of students because our city was not included into the federal program. This initiative was intercepted by the same Ekaterinburg possessing very big scientific base. My student as - that has told to me about Nizhni Novgorod where she studied earlier. There it easy came to cafe and displayed on a book little table, the saw of coffee and read, in Nizhni Novgorod this everyday occurrence. At us at the sitting student with the book look with surprise because the majority comes to cafe that is a pizza. Between Tyumen and Nizhni Novgorod, a youth university city, the big difference. It is perfect other atmosphere. Absolutely clearly, in what direction Tobolsk which has been named by cultural capital of Siberia will develop further. All know that the capital of Austria Vienna is a capital of music. It is possible to result weight of other examples. We need to find only this idea to underline the individuality.  

the Project of changes in the general layout will be finished taking into account changes, it is planned to accept the next months.    


the Height of residential buildings will not exceed 25 floors

the General plan the maximum height of buildings is defined. It will not exceed 25 floors. Having such open spaces, to us to what to grow up. Here approximate level of heights by 2040. In settlement Birch forests will construct houses in height no more than 10 floors, in Komarovo - 9 - ti, in Tarmanah - 14 - ti, Parfyonov - 17 - ti, in Zatjumenke - 18 - ti, in Southern - 20 - ti, in microdistricts Zarechnyh a ceiling of inhabited skyscrapers will limit   25 - ju floors.

And At this time  

By 2025 in Tyumen will construct a bicycle track, two go-cart racing - the centre and the autodrome

the General layout till 2015 is planned to reconstruct an improving complex « Antipinsky » a sports complex « Dorozhnik ». Will construct pools on 7 thousand in sq. m of a mirror of water, sports constructions on 48,9 thousand in sq. m, stadiums on 16 thousand in sq. m, athletic fields on 6 thousand in sq. m of a total area.

Till 2025 will be reconstructed skiing lodge on 1 thousand in sq. m, fizkulturno - improving club on 0,8 thousand in sq. m. pools on 13,8 thousand in sq. m, sports constructions on 77,9 thousand in sq. m, stadiums on 100 thousand sq. Will be constructed The m, two rowing channels, two go-cart racing - the centre, ice arena on 2 thousand in sq. m, yachts club, athletic fields on 4,3 thousand in sq. m, a bicycle track on 30 thousand in sq. m, autodrome on 500 thousand in sq. m.