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The electrotransport deterioration in Ulyanovsk makes more than 80 percent

Trams for Ulyanovsk – a sick subject. That them are going to clean from the centre on a broader scale want from them to refuse – hearings and projects it has been sounded much. But till now we use electrotransport, and it anywhere has not got to. Why? Cost of a trip is cheaper, than in a minibus. And they are more spacious « GAZELLES ».

However the main misfortune of electric public transport – its deterioration. At hardware meeting in the mayoralty zampredsedatel Committee of a road economy Sergey Anikin has informed frightening figures – in a city have developed the resource of 97 percent of trolley buses and 77 percent of trams. In total across Ulyanovsk there go 218 trams and 55 trolley buses, daily on a route leave 138 and 38 accordingly. If to count, it turns out that 81 percent of all electric transport is in a city in a deplorable state. Last time was bought by trams at mayor Sergey Ermakove, in 2008. Then have got four trams and two trolley buses.

to correct a situation, the city authorities have developed the program « Updating of municipal transportation MO « the city of Ulyanovsk » on 2012 - 2017 » on which for acquisition of trams it is planned to spend 285,8 million. In 2012 in March 15 trams and 5 trolley buses will be bought, on it will leave 60 million. Trams will buy modern, power saving up. But hardly this insignificant quantity even such good cars can rescue a current situation.

- Certainly, it would be desirable to update at once all trams and trolley buses, - the chief of department « speaks; the Organizations of transport service » Committee of a road economy, an accomplishment and transport of a city administration of Ulyanovsk Vladimir Snezhkin. – But how much the budget, so park of electric transport allows and is updated. To refuse electrotransport of sense is not present, it even is frivolous. It is the most non-polluting type of transport, thus can transport many passengers. The Whole world to the contrary develops electric transport. We in Russia had precedents when in different cities refused city electrotransport, and then anew revived. And in Europe the same occurred.

While till March townspeople and will go by the old Czech trams bought still in Soviet period.

- I Remember, villages once in a tram, and it smells so as if at it conducting burns, - townsman Stepan tells. – left from a sin far away. So behind this tram the smell on all city went. Now it is very rare in trams I go. Would be ponovej and so the sense is not present. Will rise where - nibud – also go on foot.