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To theatre “ Κξμεδiΰ “ it took necessary to be engaged in fire security to New Year`s morning performances

Theatre already low start before the beginning of New Year`s feasts. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have checked up presence of a fire-prevention curtain nastsene, working capacity of system internal protivopozharnogovodoprovoda, and also serviceability automatic sistempozharotushenija and notifications of people on a fire case. proverkojostalis are happy.

the Photo: Olga NESTEROV

And here to theatre « Κξμεδiΰ » claims much more.

- At theatre « Κξμεδiΰ » are found out a little narushenijprotivopozharnogo a mode. So, fire-prevention doors nefiksirujutsja are filled up podhodyk to fire hoses. But is and more gross infringements – under the basement maintenance. On ustranenieih time is required, there will be still checks, - soobshchilzhurnalistam Vadim Loktev.

It has appeared, it any more the first check in « Κξμεδiθ ». To theatre lately catastrophically does not carry – recently have endured a scandal story with deluging, and here a new misfortune – claims to fire security.

the Photo: Olga NESTEROV

- Earlier at theatre a comedy have already been revealed 10νΰπσψενθι, 7 they have eliminated, 3 more ostalisne are executed, - Vadim Loktev ascertained. - the head refers to absence of financing, but it is a problem the general so it is possible to speak all time.

the report about ustraneniizamechany Therefore has been made. Before new year again we will check up theatre.

the Photo: Olga NESTEROV

However employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures are assured – if rukovodstvoteatra will hurry, by new year theatre smozhetpoluchit the treasured permission to carrying out detskihprazdnikov.