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Vyacheslav Malezhik: Pugacheva the first should take the first step!

- in Kishinev I not for the first time, - we sit with Vyacheslav Malezhikom in an office office offstage. Vyacheslav Efimovich was freely stretched in an easy chair and abided in good mood. - last time was about two years ago, at you any election campaign passed. Me have brought kilometres for hundred from Kishinev, on - to mine, to area of Bendery. In any small town I sang songs, and lived in Kishinev. I love Moldova! This time has specially arrived with the wife, to show it Kishinev and Krikovsky cellars. It here never was. We with it already had time to visit Krikovsky cellars.

- And with weather to you has carried...

- Weather — the smart! In Moscow — opposite weather...

- And how to you our Moldavian public?

- If to speak about republics of the former USSR Moldova and Transcaucasia differ special musicality. You are much more thin feel a music line, and your musicians — simply sailing in a head! Probably, not only your builders work abroad as guest workers, and musicians too have parted... Yesterday has got acquainted with Nelli Chobanu, I consider that this girl — very bright phenomenon, but it is insufficiently untwisted. I have sung on birthday in our hostel on which there was it. We with it one — one have played. People nice have appeared, I took a guitar and have sung...

- Thanks to the voice you could not sing a song about BAMe, about Komsomol buildings...

- I then did not think of it, even took offence, when to me did not give these songs. Perhaps the good angel conducted me... But I remember that epoch with warmth because was younger.

- And why so few television shows you?

- Well, you the clever guy! You have asked a question, on which itself know the answer. Television as privatised, as well as an oil pipe. And the one who in this company... (Reflects) « ALKojl » does not enter, do not admit.

- you with Alla Pugachevoj together acted in « Cheerful children »!

- Well also what?! It was thirty years ago. We seldom see Pugachevoj, and its status high enough under the relation to me. Probably, it should make the first step, instead of I. It does not do it, I worry, I survive without its step (ironically smiles).

- And is such, what those whom show on TV, indulgently concern the not media colleagues?

- And who they on a broader scale such?! Who judges us?! At the time of mister Griboedov this question has been set, but the answer till now do not find.

- you have let out, at last - that, the book?

Interview to Vyacheslav Malezhikom

- Yes, the day before yesterday there was a presentation. For me this brighter event, rather than plate release. I never published books, for me it is a new product. For the first time has seen the verses printed in the book. Such sensation that it not thy verses. The book included my poems, my songs, it is a little memoirs. I it have beaded all on a chronological thread. Well here such, for example, a quatrain to you I will read:

I wanted to live the life under notes.

it has not turned out...

someone Only whispers to heart my song,

that has developed...

I have decided to show, of what I was formed today`s.

- you many times invited in the program « Let speak »...

- I should, as the clever person, to express the opinion: Who is right, who is guilty. This unworthy employment. I have got there few times. The first time when the program only has appeared, I yet did not know, what is this a format. And the second time when there was a transfer about died Barykine. Thought that will not be perebiranija dirty linen of Barykina, but it was.

- your son Ivan — too the musician. You like its creativity?

- It does not how I, and me it am always interesting. It — in the way beginning, and at me very disturbing feeling: a leah will manage to break it?! About myself I will tell. I knew up to the end that I will manage to take place. I had in it a belief, such stupid. I have taken place in thirty eight years when at usual people all already comes to an end. So it has turned out that I from promising musicians have got at once in veterans. At me the intermediate stage was not. I, as Mongolia which of feudalism in a socialism has stepped at once.

- you in the excellent physical form. In football till now play?

- In football any more I do not play, I float. Also I do not guzzle, as a pig! On tours will treat with something tasty, and then in Moscow it is necessary to eat less. In Moldova so it is tasty feed what to refuse, probably, silly. Meal — one of pleasures in life though, say that gluttony — one of capital sins, but sometimes it is possible to make this sin, and then to confess.

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