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The police and Office of Public Prosecutor find out, shot at stray dogs in Pskov or not

the Head of administration of a city Peter Slepchenko has commented « the dog subject ». We will remind, last week zoodefenders and representatives of LDPR have found out, how employees of industrial complex of an accomplishment dump corpses of dogs on suburb Orletsov. In the industrial complex car – guns with paralizujushchimi preparations (More in detail).

- Control management has inspected, there is operative work UMVD on the city of Pskov, and also public prosecutor`s and deputy checks, - the mayor has reported. - Control management has revealed infringements in catching, the maintenance and a burial place of dogs in territory of Pskov – from a negligence before gross infringements. Check of the Department of Internal Affairs will last till Friday, public prosecutor`s – till December, 27th.

- What explanations I would not hear, such facts in territory of Pskov should not be, - has underlined Slepchenko . - Therefore I have signed today the order about discharge from a management of the director of industrial complex of an accomplishment of Kurbatov Sergey Mihajlovicha till December, 27th. By results of checks we will make definitive personnel decisions.

By the way, arrows, which last week « have detected in the act » are already dismissed. Now at industrial complex one works « dog » a brigade instead of three.

Anyway, the administration will continue to catch wild animals.

- will not be so that on accomplishment industrial complex we will hang up all dogs, and the city administration in white gloves will be discharged , - has warned Slepchenko . – we Will solve how henceforth not to suppose the similar. Work we will build anyway on principles of observance of humanism and laws. But, on the other hand, it is inadmissible, when dogs attack people.

the Head the press - services of city administration of Ljubov Permjakova knows, how it is terrible – one year ago it was attacked bojtsovye by dogs. It is treated till now.

- On dogs at us 120 converted into fracture clinic from the beginning of year, from them 26 children, - Peter Slepchenko speaks. - Anything good. But for this year the statistics was sharply reduced in comparison with 2010. An efficiency indicator on catching of dogs – visual absence of the dog flights on city streets.

the Humane solution of a problem – to catch, bring to point perederzhki where a dog treat, sterilise and then or hold in a shelter, either release, or search to it for owners.

- to Shoot lulling preparations – Not the most effective way at catching, - the mayor has shown profound knowledge of a question.

the Maintenance of a dog in a shelter manages in 3600 roubles a month . Dorogovato!

- Nonaggressive dogs will let out, and here aggressive – to contain in a shelter. It is necessary also obligatory chipirovanie dogs. also it is necessary to toughen measures of responsibility of people for the maintenance of dogs – at federal level. Only so on the lawful bases it is possible to reduce number of stray dogs in Pskov.

Journalists have advised to consider experience of Velikie Luki where from approval and mayoralty financing zoodefenders are engaged in homeless dogs.

- Why also is not present? – Slepchenko has responded. – Such people are initially ground on caring of animals. Probably, next year we will subsidise their activity.

Zoodefenders, according to Peter Slepchenko, to it directly were not converted. In the meantime the Pskov society of protection of animals has put in the statement in city Office of Public Prosecutor.