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The Omsk teenager who has set fire to the schoolboy of a foot, can send in a special school

This wild case has occurred in the summer in a private sector of the Amur settlement. Treteklas - Vitalik Pashkov has drooped walked near to the house. Two teenagers have approached to it - its school friends who were more senior. 14 - the summer boy has poured krossovki over Vitalik gasoline and has struck a match. But, probably, gasoline drops have got not only on footwear. The boy has appeared on a belt on fire, and teenagers have escaped. The terrible picture was seen by inhabitants of the next private house who have run out on street and have extinguished fire.

In settlement this cruel trick became local sensation. To Vitalik and so there sincerely sympathise - it grows without the father, and mum at it the deaf-mute, helps to nurture the child the grandmother. The whole month it has lain in resuscitation, and after could not rise on feet - wounds from burns strongly were ill. The boy needed plastic operation. Have responded not indifferent omichi which have offered even more than the necessary sum.    

And here parents of the teenager which has set fire to the boy, have not offered any help, and anybody has not apologised at all. In the meantime policemen waited for results of a medicolegal investigation which should define severity level of the harm caused to the boy. On it depended, criminal case will be brought or not. We in detail wrote about this history (read « over the Omsk schoolboy have poured gasoline and have set fire ») .

And here investigation has come to the end. As to us have told in a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Omsk region, heavy harm has been done to health of the child. However inspectors of division on affairs of minors have found out that 14 - the summer friend of victim Vitalik has persuaded him to go on experiment and to set fire krossovki, obeshchav at once to extinguish fire. Boys even have specially risen at a column with water that quickly all to make. But it was not possible...

After check materials of policemen about this case have considered in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Central district. There have come to a conclusion that the trick of the teenager falls under article « Causing of heavy harm to health on imprudence » - as any intention to do much harm at the guy it was not primary. And as it yet has not reached age in which for wrongdoings the criminal liability already threatens, business excitation native Vitalik has been refused. Now mum nearly the boy who has not burnt down alive needs to be converted only into court - that parents of the offender of her son have compensated moral and physical harm.

The hooligan after that case is already put on the account in department on affairs of minors. However policemen intend to go to court that the guy have translated from usual school in spetsuchilishche the closed type.