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The iconographic scene about beauty Sulamif is transferred today

the Moscow premiere of performance will pass in festival frameworks « chereshnevyj wood ».

Young Sulamif together with schoolmates falls a victim of an act of terrorism. To cure mortally wounded girl doctor Abishalom undertakes. Its means of healing – to instal in soul of Sulamifi love. Having fallen in love, the girl is transfigured and follows the feeling contrary to all barriers that in the ending to rescue the one who when - that has returned it to life. Here such biblical « lavas - stori ».

it is not difficult to guess that a mythical plot as it is accepted in modern statements,   it is transferred today. The Israeli schoolboys, doctors, bankers and soldiers become heroes. Yes, times change, and here human passions and travails what were at the time of the tsar of Solomon, same to us see today. Judges perfect   The modern choreography, fate - a vocal, computer graphics and multimedia, that in performance « will please; Sulamif » - it is a lot of.