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Group Lilac: the schoolgirl became known, taking in hands a guitar

There are such people who are doomed to success. Simply because very much in it believe. Anja of Zhdanov - the soloist of Minsk group Lilac looks such also. On a scene it has got in literal sense effortlessly - on one of home concerts (a concert organised not on a scene, and in usual apartment. - Red.) Took in hands a guitar, and investigators did not remain indifferent.

- it is healthy, you could act at our concert! - familiar children have offered. The concert was small, is faster club fest, but Zhdanov at once was allocated from crowd.

- After a concert to me has approached some persons - praised, offered cooperation, - tells Anja. - Then has seriously become thoughtful over group creation.

LILAC - Hair - Dresser ' s Dream

It seems that (and is faster - history) Anja has subscribed for musical career in the childhood: since fourteen years has started to write verses and has forced parents to give itself at once to three schools - general educational, musical and art. Now to it of only 18 years, but it is already dashing operates man`s musical collective where children 26 - play 28 years.

the group History has begun only one year ago. At Lilac yet there was no that electronic sound, it is more than acoustics. Now it is synthesis of bottoms - music, fate and electronics. Such music approaches both for the elite investigator, and for the mass. Ranks and awards at collective still are not present. Yes them also do not pursue - year children developed kontsept groups, thought over sounding, something similar to group Moloko and Rojshn Murphy`s solo creativity, on music of some from nju - a rave of groups.

LILAC - Milk and Sour Cream

- it seems To me, we have groped such combination as which it is impossible to consider pop, - the soloist is assured, - but it well lays down on an ear to the simple investigator. The music accessible to the person, not knowing notes. Actually to create « tasty » the project is enough challenging task. It should be the stylish sold product though I would not began to name our creativity by commerce.

Now Lilac works over disk record. Date of an exit does not name: the pier, is no place to hurry up, we play more for internal satisfaction. This music of the European sample so musicians at all do not look at the Russian platform because would like to develop in Europe. In Minsk they will act on December, 16th in club « Repablik » at youth festival « It is possible! »