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Chelyabinsk domushniki prepare attack to townspeople

for the Chelyabinsk collector Sergey V last winter feasts have brought one problems. While the man was on a visit at relatives, thieves have got into its apartment. Also have carried away a solid collection of coins and stamps. Predators have not disdained also table silver and products from the refrigerator, even the started bottle of wine have taken.

professionals Worked: a door have silently opened a master key, have collected all for pair minutes and silently left.

— Vacation for us always hlopotnoe time, — the chief operatively - a search part of criminal investigation department UMVD across Chelyabinsk Alexander Kachev, &mdash speaks; if in usual days occurs 2 — 3 room thefts in feasts for days we fix on six breakings. Thus people inform criminals that their apartments are empty. For example, write statuses in sotssetjah: « Have left to Thailand, we will be on January, 10th ». Or leave similar messages on answering machines.

Having returned, people not always notice at once loss. Thieves can operate very accurately and to take only the most valuable: money and gold.

— Professionals not zarjatsja on home appliances, — the head of investigatory department on investigation of crimes OP 5 UMVD tells Russia across Chelyabinsk Michael Hurlet, — sometimes take laptops. But more often teleologically follow jewelry and fur coats which easier to sell. And there was a case when at townspeople on a regiment on a foreground the roll of money lay. The thief only also has stolen it.

the Police advises not to lose vigilance even on New Year`s Eve. Not to leave opened a door even if have run out for 5 minutes to congratulate the neigbour. If were going to leave for a long time, do not advertise it, and inform only to relatives. It is possible, by the way, to ask to come them to water flowers, to take out from a box mail. Movement in apartment will be noticed domushnikami and will frighten off them.


How to secure the house

1. Lattices at windows. Reliable and simple protection against intrusion of addicts. They, as a rule, climb through windows.

2. the Iron door with safe locks — a barrier for domushnikov - beginners. The prepared professional will cope with the lock of any complexity.

3. the Alarm system. Certainly, it is possible to put gauges of movement, a sound, laser beams. But then the predator can decide that time so well protects apartment, means, there something really valuable. A cheap variant — a so-called dog eye. It is the usual red bulb which has been built in in a wall. Creates illusion that the apartment is put on protection.

4. the Videocamera. If the thief also dares to climb under a chamber sight with record it will be easier it to find.

5. to Carry all valuable in bank. It is possible to rent a cell and to store there gold and money.