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In Magnitogorsk neotlozhka was late to the kid for 40 minutes from - for computer failure

five years` Egor Lomakin`s Parents had to worry enough seriously in expectation of a brigade « First aid ».

— the Sonny writhed from a belly-ache, cried and could not rise on feet, — mum of the kid Elena, &mdash tells; we with the husband have got a fright and have called neotlozhku. And suddenly an appendicitis? Has passed half an hour, but doctors have not arrived. To Egor became worse. I have once again typed 03. To me have responded that the brigade has left. And in 15 minutes have called back and have asked to name the address again. Because it was gone from - for any failure in system. I have thought that it is a malicious joke. As a result physicians have appeared on a threshold of our apartment. Has passed hour!

Fortunately, no trouble in the child have not found out. To the boy have made an enema and have given a medicine.

— To doctors « Fast » we have no claims, — Egor`s parents, &mdash speak; and here to the service there are questions. What to do, if with the child there will be really something serious? After all road each minute! To wait for the help the whole hour or independently to carry in hospital?

the Correspondent «» has found out that at a brigade « 03 » there are arrival specifications. For example, to a call neotlozhki to the small child with an acute pain in a stomach the first degree of promptness is appropriated. To come tearing along doctors owe a maximum for 20 minutes.

— that physicians reached the kid the whole hour, — it, of course, infringement, is told by the head physician of Magnitogorsk station of first aid Vladimir Ulanov, — but we had yesterday a computer failure — zavisla the special program. This fact is officially registered. The dispatcher could not give out a direction on substation. At it phones calling were saved only, and addresses were gone from the computer screen. From - for it there was a delay on three calls. Fortunately, anybody from patients has not suffered.

According to Michael Ulanova, program and technical maintenance in Magnitogorsk service of first aid for a long time have become outdated. But next year from the regional budget plan to allocate 2 million roubles for re-equipment.