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“ Mobile “ speculators have prepared rostovchanam “ surprises “ on New Year`s Eve

As it is known from practice to phone on New Year`s Eve to relatives - usually simply it is impossible for friends or it is rather problematic: as - that unexpectedly appears that wishing to make the same - a pond prudi, loading on a network enormous. You dial number of mum - fathers to congratulate them with coming (or come) a feast, and a tube « native » a mobile phone responds short signals and the message of a female electronic voice: « the Network is overloaded, try to call later ». You are angry, because here - champagne here is time to open and the president has already appeared on the screen with the New Year`s performance, and « to execute a debt » (in sense - to wish good luck to relatives) and it has not turned out.

- Here it is that and swindlers use, - operators of mobile communication warn. - Some hours prior to New year, and sometimes and earlier they start mailing to users of mobile phones with the offer to get to lists the VIP - clients: a pier then you can dial native and to friends on « special conditions ». Frighten thus of that all leading companies of mobile communication disconnect « the core » the equipment, leaving only reserve - just only for « the white list » vipov. And to get to it, it is necessary - to be registered all that on a special site (« a Biline » for example, openly names it: http:// belyispisok. web2morrow. su. - a bus Comment) And to send a little SMS - messages - everyone on 130 roubles. It is thus said that « service » have used last year an order of 8 million subscribers.

this year, under forecasts, taking into account proceeding development of the mobile communication, got on lohotrone can be much more.

- others Are applied also « distributings » - experts in law enforcement bodies continue thought. - it is not obligatory so difficult - through check in on a site (though thanks to it to calculate them difficultly enough as such portals are got on foreign the Internet - domains), quite goden and « old kind » a variant through SMS - messages from ostensibly operators: « For you as for our reliable client, the VIP - service is offered. For this purpose it is necessary to send SMS on number NNN ». Badly that got on such fishing tackle, in view of insignificant, in general - that, the sums of some honeycombs of roubles, are extremely seldom converted into police with corresponding statements. And here the gain of speculators is capable to reach hundreds millions roubles.


as still deceive trusting users of mobile phones

the type message Comes: « to you it is sent ΜΜS - a card from « NN » for the subscriber with number +7... » Further figures of your number, of course, follow. More low the link for downloading. « divorce » it is simple: hardly you have passed under this link as on your mobile it is downloaded and there and then the Internet - a virus sending SMS with transfer of your money from phone on numbers of swindlers is automatically started.

Through SMS - the message or a call to you suggest to participate in the action spent ostensibly by the operator: That during certain time you could call free of charge on all country, it is necessary to send in « information support service » codes of several payment cards. Then it appears - the operator did not spend any actions, and you « have fed » swindlers.

to the subscriber the message from a large motor show with the information that its number of the mobile has won the car arrives. Super! To you even speak: here, there is a salon site, come, all check up, it not swindle. The site really is, phones there too are available - moreover, they respond, but... It is distributing! For reception « a prize » you need to bring certain « commission fee » - some thousand roubles. By the way, couple of years back such speculators from Samara have swindled several rostovchan.

it being represented by leaders of radio companies, you are called by swindlers and congratulate on a prize. You need to be called only on radio station number in a minute. Do not do it, without having made sure (having included, at least, the receiver on a wave of this radio station). Otherwise money will lose!

the New counter - struggle against spam which has bothered with all order. For this purpose it is necessary to send ostensibly free SMS on short number. Consequences same: loss of money.