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The loudest crimes and litigations in the Perm edge - 2011

About New year hardly more than two weeks - traditional time to sum up. « has decided to remember events leaving 2011 - go - city, cultural, criminal, sports, and still to learn, how there was a destiny of heroes of our publications about which readers often ask. Today we publish a rating of the loudest crimes and litigations of this year. Other results of year - in the nearest releases «».  

January. The head of area - the bribe taker  

the Former head of Krasnokamsk area Dmitry Markelov in court.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

In January have filed criminal charges against already former head of Krasnokamsk area Dmitry Markelov ( details ). The official felt   the owner of the Krasnokamsk earth. It has published the informal order: the good ground areas to rent only for a bribe. At the moment of transfer of money of Markelov also have detained: for 400 thousand roubles he promised to give « kind » on rent of the several ground areas. Now there is a court.

February. 18 persons were lost in a fire in a warehouse

This fire at once named the second « the Lame horse ». The perfumery and household chemical goods warehouse in the street Tram, 14 has lighted up early in the morning on February, 10th ( details ). Fire has instantly extended on the ferro-concrete box filled ballonchikami with air fresheners and detergent powder. In a warehouse there was a night shift - 21 persons. And, under the oral order of the heads people have been locked - that vanished nothing! People have appeared in a fiery trap. Three (a two firemen have pulled out, the security guard could jump out itself - it had a key from one of inputs) have escaped only, 18 persons were lost.

At once have detained the general director of the company « Kama - the Trade » (the tenant of a warehouse) Alexey Kildibekova and its two assistants Alexander Safonova and Peter Mishurnova. By this moment them have let out under a subscription and monetary pledge.

All examinations and investigatory actions are finished, however some suffered and accused insist on additional investigatory actions. If the consequence considers that necessity for them is not present, business will finish and will pass in court. Guilty imprisonment on   threatens; term to   seven years.

April. Mother gave birth and This terrible story hardly would heat the children

has emerged, do not interfere a case. After a fire in pjatietazhke in Kondratovo on one of balconies firemen have found out bodies of two newborn girls. But children not on fire were lost. With a difference in a year to them has given birth and own mummy has drowned in a bucket as kittens. In the summer she hid bodies of babies in a freezer, in the winter - on a balcony. 31 - summer Elena Danilin explained to inspectors as so raises a three, money in the house is not present … ( details )

Before on a court sentence to go for three years to a colony - Danilin`s settlement also TV star became - participated in transfer   « Let speak ».

All for 2011 in Prikamye mothers was killed by seven newborn children. But only after a case in Kondratovo

in Perm have opened bebi - boxing (in clinic of female health « medlajf » about Bauman`s street, 25). Mothers can leave there the baby, for it they will not incur any punishment.

April. Murder of the known victualer

in the Evening on April, 24th 52 - the summer owner of the Perm restaurants « Hunting » and « Casanova » Sergey Musienko has left on a business meeting and has not returned. Every other day it have found shot of a sawn-off shotgun in several metres from own house ( details ). But neither important proofs, nor suspects and have not found. The legal investigation while is suspended.

May. A sentence to 60 souteneurs

Court over souteneurs. One of the largest litigations of Russia this year.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

In May in Perm some years kryshevavshim local prostitutes have pronounced a sentence at once to 60 souteneurs. Similar litigation in Russia was not: a large quantity accused, loud round-ups in baths and numbers in 2006, three years of the consequence, two years of judicial hearings …   ( details )

Jurymen have considered that under the most rigid article « the Organization of criminal community » (till 20 years of prison) the fault of souteneurs is not proved. And real terms - from 3,5 till 10 years - have received only 13 persons. Public prosecutors and inspectors did not cry nearly. The majority of defendants directly from a court hall have gone home. It is indicative process it has not turned out.

it is possible, it yet a point. Cassations in the Sovereign court were sent by both parties - both state charge, and denounced, dissatisfied even so soft sentence.

June. The schizophrenic has killed the woman in the face of its children

Sergey Subbotin who has arranged in June slaughter in the centre of Perm.
a photo: Alexey ZHURAVLYOV

on June, 18th in the centre of Perm 42 - the summer Sergey Subbotin, suffering affliction a schizophrenia, with a knife has snatched at first on the student, and then on 34 - the summer woman who with two small daughters has come to take a walk on festival « the White nights ». The murderer was braided by passers-by. The student has got to hospital, and 34 - the summer woman was lost. On Subbotin`s judgement have sent on compulsory treatment ( details ).

July. OMON fighters have made bloody massacre in Gajnah

Tragedy which has happened in settlement Ust - Black Gajnsky area, too has thundered all over the country. Two OMON fighters and four their friends after quarrel in cafe have arranged bloody massacre over two local residents - Oleg Bychkovym and Sergey Pipkinym: cruelly them have beaten, have jostled in a luggage carrier and have taken away in wood where Sergey have forced to dig to itself a tomb...

stepfathers of two morons whom, having learnt that is created Have stopped this lawlessness, have arrived to wood. But Oleg Bychkova`s traumas have appeared incompatible with life, and in three days the strong healthy man has died in hospital ( details ).

From Moscow about it to Perm came checking, and Rashid Nurgaliev then has told:

« They have dishonoured OMON of the Perm edge and all our collective! It it was necessary to guess - such to create and all over the country so to dishonour, what even in eyes it is a shame to citizens to look! »

the investigation is now carried on.

August. On « Bulgarii » three permjakov

Tragedy « were lost; Bulgarii » has not bypassed also Perm. The sunk steam-ship on which 122 persons were lost, belongs to the Kamsky river shipping company - it leased to the Kazan travel agency. Among crewmen was five permjakov. A mechanic Ilya Shushkov and electromechanic Vasily Bajryshev have escaped, and navigator Vladimir Nazarov, sailor Ivan Polunosov and conductor Galina Batanova were lost ( details ).

Two permjakov pass on this business by suspects. He/she is the senior expert of Kamsky branch of the Russian river register Jacob Ivashov. He, under the version of the investigation, has signed allowing documents on vessel operation. And the captain of a pusher « Danube 66 » which passed by sinking « Bulgarii » Alexander Egors. Him accuse under article « neokazanie suffering affliction ».

September. Arrest of the world champion on an armwrestling

Sportsman Roman Tsindeliani.
the Photo: from personal archive.

12 - the multiple world champion on an armwrestling permjaka Romana Tsindeliani have arrested in the end of September on suspicion in two murders and a robbery ( details ). Him have detained at the Moscow airport of the Sheremetyevo on road from States to Perm (the American visa has ended, and permjaka deported to Russia).

But to the house the sportsman and has not reached. Under the version of the investigation, it at all the Novel, and Dzhambul Vibliani disappearing more of 20 years under an assumed name. All this time it was in the international search on suspicion in the murder made in Tbilisi in 1990, and in murder and a robbery made in April, 1999. The investigation of the case of Tsindeliani - Vibliani is not finished yet. Yesterday we have called the wife of the sportsman, she has told that all without changes - the Novel is in the Moscow pre-trial detention centre, there is a consequence, she does not know details.

November. Murder 10 - summer Eugene Obeshchikovoj

that in October was gone in Perm 10 - the summer schoolgirl, was known by all city. Almost month it was searched police, by rescuers, soldiers and groups of volunteers.

the Girl have found dead on November, 2nd - in a forest belt. With it has finished   the neighbour - 45 - summer Sergey Zyryanov at whom Eugene more than once happened before on a visit - came to listen to music, to watch TV ( details ).

her parents knew nothing About strange friendship of the adult uncle and the schoolgirl. On interrogations the geek assures that Eugene plaid about with the tape recorder, it psihanul and has thrown with the dog lead a neck... Zyryanov is threatened with lifelong term.

Court on « the Lame horse » there is a second year

year and three months the court on the case of a fire in « proceeds; the Lame horse » where 156 persons were lost. On a dock eight persons - managers of club, the pyrotechnics, arranged deadly show, and firemen. All this time interrogate suffered - them more than 400 persons. The court over the ninth accused - in the near future will begin the commercial director « Horses » Konstantin Mryhinym. In night of tragedy he had a rest in club with the wife, and has then run away, having thrown the dying spouse. Have arrested the fluent businessman in Spain, this summer ekstradirovali to Russia. To it threatens till 10 years of prison.

Agents of national security carefully say that a sentence defendant will take out not earlier than spring of 2012 ( details ).