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World experience of treatment of a cancer of a chest: effectively, but not for all...

in Russia only about 25 % of women receive treatment by highly effective preparations under the international standards

the Cancer of a mammary gland revealed at early stages, we will cure. But insufficiently simply in time to find out disease, it needs also to be treated, only here treatment should be adequate (according to the international standards). And it is logical. But in our country not all women receive adequate therapy.

- It is proved that application of highly effective chemotherapeutic preparations allows to recover completely at early stages of disease and considerably to improve the forecast at late stages. But in Russia availability of modern highly effective preparations is lowest - only about 25 % of women receive treatment by highly effective preparations under the international standards. And the maximum result is guaranteed only by therapy under the international standards, - Irina Poddubnaja, d has told. M. n., the professor, managing stand of oncology of the Russian medical academy of postdegree education.

Thus, in Russia inefficient schemes treatment more often are applied, and the root of all problems is a lack of financing. It turns out that at us the volume of means allocated with the state and defines standards, rather the reverse, as that is demanded by common sense.

- Now the quota on treatment makes 113 thousand roubles, and next year the sum will be increased. But thus since 2011 the chemotherapy is not included in a quota, - Irina Poddubnaja has noticed.

And meanwhile the chemotherapy along with operation and beam therapy is the major method of treatment of malignant tumours of a mammary gland, after all to defeat a cancer, with patients some experts - the surgeon, the beam therapist and himioterapevt should work. But now medicinal treatment (chemotherapy) is not spent on a federal quota (at the expense of the means allocated from the federal budget on treatment in medical institution where hi-tech medical aid can be rendered) and should be carried out in a residence. And in a residence can occur anything you like … For example, there can again - taki not to be money then it is necessary to take place chemotherapy at own expense or to be treated not under standards.

Also not all know that in Russia there are programs which help women to struggle with a chest cancer. For example, one of these days company Sanofi declared results of the first year of work of the All-Russia program of the help to patients with a mammary gland cancer « Chance of life » which it realises together with leading oncological establishments of the country in more than 55 cities of our country. Thanks to this program already now 2000 Russians receive treatment under the international standards.

- In 2012 within the limits of the program of 3000 new patients with a chest cancer will receive treatment under the international standards at the expense of means of Sanofi, - Tatyana Galkova, the director for communications of Sanofi Russia has told.  

Also it is not necessary to forget and that chances of life increase if to find out an illness at early stages. Mammografiju it is recommended to pass to all women after 40 years of 1 times in 1 - 2 years. But in Russia the population is not ready to inspections, sometimes women simply are afraid to hear the terrible diagnosis which sounds for them as a sentence, and do not go to the doctor. Besides we lag behind on equipment use (in some regions the equipment is bought, there are no experts). Thus, at us in the country the quarter of cases of a cancer of a chest comes to light at late stages.

- In Russia there should be a state system of early diagnostics of a cancer of a mammary gland. It is necessary to allocate the risk groups, after all some women should pass inspection more often others. For example, recently to me has come 29 - the summer girl at whom both the grandmother, and mum have transferred a cancer of a chest, such patients are necessary for examining even at such young age, - Rashida Orlova, d has told. M. n., the professor of stand of oncology of Sankt - the Petersburg medical academy of postdegree education, the head of department of chemotherapy of the City clinical oncological clinic of St.-Petersburg.

The matter is that at accumulation of cases of disease by a chest cancer in a family (more than one) the risk of development of this disease raises in 8 - 10 times. And it only one of the factors raising risk of occurrence of a cancer of a mammary gland.