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The multimillionaire deprive of Estonian citizenship

35 - summer Maxim Liksutov, the native of small town Loksa that is in fifty kilometres to the east from Tallinn, of any citizenship did not think and led life « seropasportnika » - that is persons without certain citizenship while in 2005 on it, by then rather well-founded businessman, Estonian authorities have not paid attention. Made impression not only the sizes of a status which he has had time to hammer together in sphere of transport and communications, but also a circle of its business partners, and also the contribution which it brought in Estonian economy. The last also has laid down in a formulation basis on which basis Estonian government and has accepted in the end of 2005 the decision to give to Maxim Liksutovu citizenship « for special merits before the state ».

In Estonia there are, at least, two types of citizens. There are hereditary citizens are what ancestors had citizenship of pre-war republic. Their citizenship lifelong, and any law cannot deprive of them that has got to them on a birth. The second category are citizens naturalized. Behind them citizenship is saved under condition of observance of certain requirements by them. One of them - impossibility to have citizenship also any other country.

On addressees of citizenship for special merits do not extend usual naturalizatsionnye requirements. They should not pass examinations for knowledge of Estonian language, on knowledge of Estonian laws. But also they, it appears, fall under an interdiction to have citizenship of any other country.

Liksutov after reception of the Estonian passport took also citizenship of the Russian Federation, how much by then he actively was engaged in business in Russia.

Here, in Estonia, it has faced one of absurdities of the Estonian legislation: It supposes dual citizenship presence only for hereditary citizens. This exception is made for representatives of the western Estonian emigration and their descendants, had time to become a citizen of the states in which territory they lived before restoration of independence of Estonia in the beginning 90 - h years of the last century. Is at this category of the population of a merit before Estonian state and a society or not, no value has.

And here the person with indisputable merits as the same Maxim Liksutov, has not the right to count on presence of the second passport. In case of transgression it loses Estonian citizenship, as if these merits and were not.

It is asked, why the question on citizenship of Liksutova has been lifted only six years later? Really Estonian authorities have missed something?

In it it is not so believed. Here, most likely, the reason that more recently the Estonian multimillionaire has been appointed by the head of transport department of the mayoralty of Moscow. It Tallinn, probably, could not endure.

the INQUIRY «»

According to Forbes, in 2011 Maxim Liksutov occupied 189 line in a rating of the richest Russians.

Sostojanie Liksutova is estimated in 500 million dollars. In Estonian rating of rich men it allowed it to keep throughout several years in first ten the most well-founded inhabitants of republic.