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Biometric international passports can be received in mobile complex FMS

Cost of the special equipment which is located in a suitcase, makes approximately 250 thousand roubles.

- In Russia now work an order of ten mobile mini - complexes. In Vladimir region such service has appeared one week ago. It five persons had time to use, - have told in UFMS Russia across Vladimir region.

New service will help heads of the large enterprises and social establishments to issue international passports of new generation to employees directly on a workplace.

For this purpose representatives of migratory service with the special equipment will leave in the organisations which have submitted the collective demand, and directly on a place not only to make all necessary papers, but also to photograph wishing to receive the international passport. Procedure of official registration of papers and photographing absolutely free - it is necessary to pay only the usual duty on international passport delivery.

Besides, mobile mini - the complex can be used at departure in hospitals and other objects of social purpose.   this innovation will concern also citizens it is difficult to them to move - old men and invalids. Registration of international passports to such people can be demanded urgently, for example, for departure on treatment abroad. In this case employees UFMS of Russia across Vladimir region will leave on the house.

Still the mobile complex will serve for rendering assistance to branches UFMS in « a high season » when on giving of documents on the international passport the big turns and branches are built have not time to serve all interested persons.

- the Drawing of work at a mobile complex is not present, it will leave only under demands, - have informed in vladimirskiy UFMS.

to Receive the additional information, to submit the collective demand it is possible by phone:

37 - 40 - 36.

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Advantages and lacks of the biometric passport

it is possible to carry long period of validity To advantages of the biometric passport - 10 years against 5 years at usual, and speed of passage of passport control on travel - in Europe there is an equipment which reads out the information written down in it automatically. In the future, probably, this procedure becomes completely automated and in Russia.

But there are also certain lacks. In - the first, it is impossible to enter data on the child in the biometric passport. In - the second, the duty on its registration is more - 2500 roubles, and for usual it is necessary to pay only 1000 roubles.